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When they got to Billy's house, Cake Cream asked Axl how his stay in jail was.

Axl responded with a smile, "It was pretty easy. I was record searched, strip searched, my mugshot and fingerprints taken and put in a cell with drug addicts, drunks, and shoplifters. I slept much of the way and was given a Court Date and bailed out through the Go Fund Me. Thank you guys for the Go Fund Me."

Cake Cream smiled and welcomed him.

Andy asked,"Are you still a Fugitive? Will we still have to hide you?"

Cake Cream couldn't believe that Andy was still bringing up the Fugitive thing.

Axl responded,"I turned myself in and was released on bail just hours later. I'm no longer a Fugitive. You guys don't have to hide me anymore. I can walk openly now. But thank you guys for hiding me."

Cake Cream welcomed him and Axl and Cake Cream bathed and got ready for the day. They went to Denny's. The same Denny's that Axl went to a few days ago. Axl had the same Waiter again.

His Waiter who was named Thomas warmly welcomed him and said,"Long time no see, Axl. Axl blushed and warmly responded back. Okay, I'm Axl Rose. I had to claim I wasn't Axl the other day because of obvious reasons.

Thomas said,"No problem." He warmly talked to Cake Cream too and they warmly responded back. Thomas took all of their orders and left. As they waited for their food, a couple of Guns N'Roses Fans and Cake Cream Fans begged them for Autographs.

Axl said,"Fans asking for Autographs is also a huge part of Rock And Roll." Cake Cream nodded and all of them signed their autographs for their Fans. Their Fans were happy. All of them smiled back. Cake Cream and Axl all chatted with their Fans. The Fans went soon went back to their tables. Cake Cream and Axl's foods were soon given and they ate and drank. After eating, they paid their bills and left.
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Cake Cream and Axl left Denny's and went to the Mall. Axl chose and bought short sleeved shirts, grateful that he didn't have to keep wearing long sleeved shirts now that his secret was out. James, Jimmy, Billy, Mike, and Andy also chose short sleeved shirts. Billy reminded Axl that he had a Court Date coming up in three days and should buy a suit. Axl responded,"Good thinking." Billy smiled. Axl bought a long sleeved black three piece suit.

Cake Cream giggled at his choice.

Axl confused responded,"What's so funny about a long sleeved black three piece suit?"

James responded,"At your court date in 1993, you wore a garish turquoise suit to court. That black three piece suit is a lot better than that garish turquoise suit you wore to Court. Axl asked to see the garish turquoise suit. Cake Cream showed him the garish turquoise suit on YouTube.

Axl responded,"Yikes. What the hell was I thinking with that weird looking suit?" He cringed good naturedly.

They all laughed. Cake Cream bought clothes too and they went home(Billy's house, Billy's house was their home now)

At home, Cake Cream decided to do a practice Court hearing for Axl's upcoming Court Date in order to help him out.

Axl smiled. He was "Sworn in," by James the Baliff.

He took the oath. He was seated.

Andy pretended to be the Creep. The Creep pressing charges on Axl was named Brian Washington.

Billy was Axl's Lawyer.

Mike was the judge.

Jimmy was Brian's (Andy's Lawyer).

Court was in session.

Brian (Andy)and Jimmy claimed they were suing Axl for $100,000 for the camera and for assaulting him. Brian claimed the Camera Axl broke was a Family Heirloom Camera that had been around since 1800.

Billy pointed out that the Camera was filmed in the viral video and it was a Camera that was a 2021 Camera valued at $1,000.

Axl smirked.

Brian(Andy) claimed that Axl's punch cost him $99,000 in an emergency room. Jimmy claimed there was Paperwork. Billy asked to see it. Brian and Jimmy produced an obviously doctored ER bill.

Billy got aggressive and said, "You have produced false Documents in a Court of Law and can be arrested for Fraud. Axl could countersue you for Defamation and major Extortion.

The Judge, Mike upheld what Billy said.

Jimmy and Brian broke down and admitted those were false Documents and they just wanted to exhort a lot of money out of Axl for this.

Billy and Axl smirked. The Judge showed contempt, disgust, and scorn at Brian and Jimmy.

The Judge then showed a lot of professionalism and asked Axl if he pled Guilty to Assault and destruction of property in Brian's case.

Axl pled Guilty to Assaulting Brian and breaking his camera.

Mike ordered Axl to pay Brian $10,000 for Assault and breaking his camera.

Mike ended the Trial. Billy and Axl cheered triumphantly while Brian (Andy) and Jimmy pretended to be defeated. Axl pretended to Zelle Brian(Andy) $10,000.

The Mock Trial Practice was a success.
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Cake Cream hired a real Lawyer for Axl. Axl's Lawyer practiced the Court Hearing with Axl and they practiced multiple times. Cake Cream and Axl then chilled for the next three days.

Axl's Court Hearing was for 10 AM. If he didn't show up, he'd have a Bench Warrant and automatically forfeit his Case. Brian Washington was hoping Axl would come late or even miss the Court hearing and forfeit his Case judging by Axl's track record for coming to events really late.

At 7:00, Cake Cream woke up Axl and they all got ready and ate and went to the Courthouse.

Outside of the Courthouse, Fans of Guns N'Roses held up signs saying stuff like,"We love you Axl! We support Axl! Tons of Fans verbally stood up for Axl. Axl smugly blushed at the support of his fans. He signed autographs and thanked the Fans for their support and was welcomed. Axl was wearing the black three piece suit. Axl's Lawyer and he practiced the Court Hearing again. At 9:30, Brian Washington and Brian's Lawyer came to the Courthouse. Even after Cake Cream and Axl. Brian and his Lawyer looked smug until they saw that Axl was already there. Early. Their smugness turned into troubled expressions. Axl smugly smirked at them as if to convey,"I'm here early, Bitches! " Cake Cream also looked at them smugly.

Axl and Brian were sworn in. They took the oaths.

The Court Hearing was in Session and Axl was put on the stand.

Brian's Lawyer claimed that Axl's punch gave him a Concussion and the Camera they wanted $200,000 for the broken Camera and the concussion..

Axl's Lawyer pointed out that young Axl didn't even have $20,000 to his name in 2022 and had to be bailed out by the Go Fund Me Charity. Axl's Lawyer also pointed out that asking Axl for $200,000 for a broken Camera and a punch to the face was excessive extortion. Brian's Lawyer claimed a Concussion was worth a lot of money.

Axl was suddenly asked by Brian's Lawyer if Cake Cream hid Axl when he was a Fugitive. Axl REALLY didn't want to answer that. He didn't want to get Cake Cream into trouble. Axl's deep loyalty to his Friends was one of the core aspects of his personality. He hoped his Lawyer would object to that question. He made deep eye contact with his Lawyer, telepathically begging him to object to that question.

His Lawyer got the hint and said,"Objection. Question is irrelevant to case."

The Judge overruled the objection and stated that Axl had to answer the question.

Axl said,"Alright, if I have to answer the question, I was living on the streets alone during my time as a Fugitive." Axl lied.

How did you eat, sleep and use the bathroom and shower if you were a Fugitive living alone? Brian's Lawyer asked him.

Axl's Lawyer objected stating that these questions were personal and the case was about Assault and destruction of property.

The Judge overruled the objection once again. Axl had to respond.

Axl responded. "I bathed in the ocean when no one was around. I bought food and drinks using disguises during my time as a Fugitive. I used public bathrooms. I slept on park benches. I used to be homeless before making it big so I'm pretty familiar with living on the streets."

"So, you never spent any time with any of Cake Cream Members during your time as a Fugitive?

Axl responded,"I spent all of my time alone when I was a Fugitive." Axl gave a steely hard gaze to Brian's Lawyer and Brian. Axl wasn't going to give up his Cake Cream Friends.

Brian's Lawyer pointed out that Cake Cream released the new song during Axl's time as a Fugitive. Axl had a look of panic for a few seconds and then steeled himself and responded that Cake Cream did the new song all on their own and he wasn't there when they recorded the new song.

Brian's Lawyer asked him more questions about if he was with Cake Cream during any of his time as a Fugitive.

Axl responded,"I spent no time at all with Cake Cream during my time as a Fugitive.

Brian's Lawyer continued to ask if Axl spent any time with Cake Cream during his time as a Fugitive.

Axl responded, "I have already responded multiple times that I didn't spend any time with Cake Cream during my time as a Fugitive.

Brian's Lawyer said,"I call Cake Cream to the stand for questioning if they hid Axl during his time as a Fugitive.

Axl had a look of panic and desperately told his Lawyer,"Stop him!"

Axl's Lawyer objected putting Cake Cream on the stand as this was about Axl assaulting Brian and breaking his Camera, not about whether or not they hid Axl during his time as a Fugitive."

The Judge sustained the objection and Cake Cream didn't have to go on the stand. Cake Cream and Axl breathed sighs of relief.

Brian's Lawyer said,"I do want to ask Cake Cream what happened the time of the altercation between Mr. Rose and my Client, Mr . Washington. They were there. They are Witnesses.

Axl and Cake Cream looked at each other nervously. Cake Cream was there and could be reliable Witnesses.

The Judge pointed out Brian's Lawyer had valid points. He said he would allow Cake Cream to be put on the stand.

Axl shook his head and protested, saying,"I'm not going to allow my Cake Cream Clients to be questioned. They had nothing to do with my punching Brian in the face and breaking his Camera after he harassed, stalked, followed, and snapped pictures of me without my permission. As their Legal Manager,I have a lot of say in this and I say I refuse to allow Cake Cream to be questioned."
Axl's Lawyer backed up Axl, stating that Axl was 100 percent right. He also objected to Cake Cream being called to the stand to testify as Witnesses. Axl thanked him and was welcomed.

The Judge acknowledged that Cake Cream had nothing to do with the Axl and Brian altercation and shouldn't be questioned as the altercation was just between Axl and Brian. He told Brian's Lawyer he overruled Brian's Lawyer's request to question Cake Cream and Cake Cream once again didn't have to go on the stand. Axl thanked the Judge and was welcomed. Cake Cream gave Axl grateful looks. He smiled back at them.

Brian's Lawyer continued to ask Axl if he was with Cake Cream at anytime during his time as a Fugitive. Axl responded,"I have already stated I was living alone on the streets and not with Cake Cream anytime during my time as a Fugitive. I plead the fifth Commandment, () on any more questions about Cake Cream."

Brian's Lawyer once again asked him if Cake Cream hid him during any of his time as a Fugitive. Axl rolled his eyes in disdain and didn't answer.

Axl's Lawyer said," Once again, objection..My Client has already said he was living on the streets alone during his time as a Fugitive and pleaded the Fifth Amendment on additional questions about Cake Cream although he said Commandment. He meant Amendment. Asking him additional questions about this is Badgering harassment. "

Axl gave a relieved look of gratefulness to his Lawyer.

The Judge sustained the objection and Brian's Lawyer claimed that Axl's punch sent Brian to the ground immediately after the punch. Axl's Lawyer showed the viral video and it clearly showed Brian wasn't sent to the ground at all immediately after the punch but was standing and walking away. The viral video also showed that Brian had been invading Axl's privacy by constantly following him and snapping pictures of him even after Axl asked him to stop.

The Judge took all of this into consideration. The Judge pointed out Brian was an Instigator in the case and Axl was clearly seen being harassed and followed by Brian. Axl smirked. The Judge also pointed out that Axl could have handled his temper better.

There was a temporary recess.

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During the recess, everyone was able to take an hour break. During that break, they ate a late breakfast, used the bathroom, talked to their Lawyers, etc. Axl checked his phone and saw he had a Zelle Message saying,"W. Axl Rose sent you 5 Million. We are depositing this money into your account immediately." He checked his Bank Account and sure enough, he had an extra 5 Million in his bank Account! He then saw he had a text message from Older Axl that read,"Hi, Axl. Heard you got into legal trouble. Here is 5 Million to help you out. Use it for your legal troubles and use the rest of the money on whatever you want.

Axl called Older Axl and thanked him for the $5 Million.

Older Axl warmly welcomed him back. They chatted for a little while and then the break was over.

Court was back in Session. Axl told his Lawyer that he was sent extra money from a close Family Member. He and his Lawyer drew up a Contract for $200,000 . Axl asked Brian,"Be honest. How much is that Camera I broke REALLY worth? Brian answered, $20,000.

Axl gave him a knowing look. Come on, we both know the Camera isn't worth that much. If you tell me the truth, I just might give you a substantial payout. I might give you the money you wanted.

Brian sheepishly responded,"The camera you broke is worth $2,000. Axl responded knowingly,"I knew it wasn't worth $20,000." Brian looked at the ground shyly.

Axl said,"I'll pay you $3,000 for the Camera. I'll pay you $197,000 for punching you in the face. All you have to do is sign this legally binding contract stating you nor anyone who knows you will never ask me, Cake Cream, or Guns N'Roses for money ever again and you're $200,000 richer." Brian and his Lawyer read the Contract, and signed.

They did all of this in front of the judge and the Judge agreed to this.

Axl Zelled Brian $200, 000. Brian and his Lawyer smirked happily.

Court was soon adjourned since Brian and his Lawyer accepted the Zelled $200,000 and signed a contract.

Axl paid his Lawyer and Brian paid his Lawyer. They all left Court.

More Fans showed support for Axl and Axl warmly thanked them and was welcomed. He signed more autographs.

Cake Cream and he went back to Billy's house (Home). At home, Axl took a very long nap as he was very tired. When he woke up, Cake Cream and he ordered no contact pizza again and ate it. Axl decided to do them a favor and paid them $20,000 each as a "Thank you," for hiding him from Authorities and being such good Friends to him. They were pleasantly surprised to see,"Axl Rose sent you $20,000," on each of their phones. They all thanked him. He welcomed them.

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Claven Records called Axl's phone. "We need to speak to you face to face," Timothy Wilkinson told Axl sternly.

Axl's heart dropped. He knew it was something bad. Okay, I'll be there soon," he promised.

"You'd better be." Timothy said very seriously. This is REALLY urgent and REALLY bad.

Axl and Timothy politely said goodbyes and Axl hung up.

Axl told Cake Cream he was going to go buy some milk at the grocery store. Billy pointed out there was two gallons of milk.

Axl claimed he was going to buy Silk Milk and needed to physically buy it from a grocery store. James said that he could buy Silk Milk from Instacart.

Axl claimed he really wanted to go get the Silk Milk from the grocery store.

We'll all go with you," Jimmy said. Cake Cream agreed.

Axl had a look of panic in his expression and said,"No! I really want to go get the Silk Milk from the grocery store alone. "

Jimmy responded,"You seem scared, Axl. Are you okay? He asked with concern. Cake Cream looked at each other in concern.

Axl responded, "I'm fine. I just really want to go get Silk Milk from the grocery store. Alone.

The last time you left this house alone, you turned yourself in to the Police Station. Billy quipped lightheartedly but with an undercurrent of concern.

Axl lowered his eyes. Billy asked,"Are you going to turn yourself in again?"

Axl responded," No."

"Where are you really going, Axl, Billy asked in concern.

"I'm going to the Park," Axl lied.

Billy shook his head in concern. "I thought you were going to the grocery store to buy Silk Milk."

Axl said,"I changed my mind. Now I'm going to go to the park."

Billy asked,"We can go to the Park with you," Billy offered.

"No thanks, I want to go to the Park alone," Axl said looking uncomfortable.

Billy asked,"Why are you so hellbent on going somewhere alone? Why don't you want us to go with you? Billy was concerned.

"I just want to be alone," Axl responded. That's all."

Jimmy said,"We want to be there with you whatever is going on. Cake Cream all agreed.

Axl responded harshly,"Why do you guys insist on being with me all the damn time? Why do you guys follow me around like lost puppies? Do you guys not have a life? I already told you I want to go alone. Leave me alone and let me go alone.

Cake Cream agreed to let Axl leave alone. They were concerned for him but it was clear he wanted to be alone. Axl left alone. With his cellphone.

Axl had forgotten that Cake Cream could find his location using his cellphone. Cake Cream traced Axl's Cellphone Location a short while later. They wanted to know where he REALLY was going. Axl's phone was at Claven Records. Cake Cream wondered why Axl went to Claven Records alone and didn't want them to go with him. They found this strange. Why would their Manager go to Claven Records without them? They all agreed that something weird was going on and they were going to surprise Axl at Claven Records and get to the bottom of this. They all left to go to Claven Records.
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Axl went to Timothy's office, nervously. Axl wanted to be the sole person in trouble and went alone to prevent Cake Cream being labeled Accomplices for whatever bad thing or things Timothy has called him about. Once again, he didn't want Cake Cream to be in trouble.

Timothy sternly said,"Hi, Mr. Rose. Have a seat. He gestured to a desk chair.

Axl sat down.

Timothy said,"Mr. Rose, you signed legally binding documents under a false name. We could have you and Cake Cream indicted for Fraud.

Axl lowered his head. Please don't indict Cake Cream for Fraud. They didn't even know I was Axl Rose at the time we signed those legally binding documents. I didn't tell them that I was really Axl Rose back then. They really thought I was Michael Randall Johnson at the time. They are innocent in this whole mess. "Axl had a look of complete guilt on his face.

Timothy softened. You know what? I'll give you guys another chance. Why don't you choose a Cake Cream Member and have them come in and sign the Documents again today, this time with your real name? "

Axl chose to call Billy. When Billy answered, Axl said,"Billy, I made a major bad decision by signing my name as Michael Randall Johnson on the legally binding documents for Cake Cream. Timothy from Claven Records says he will give us another chance if we sign the Documents again but I sign my real name.

Billy said,"So, you're at Claven Records? I thought you said you were going to go to the Park," Billy said knowingly.

"Yes, I'm at Claven Records. Please grab all of the other Cake Cream Members and all of you come to Claven Records," Axl pleaded desperately.

Billy responded,"We'll all be right there," Billy promised. Axl breathed a sigh of relief. He thanked Billy and was welcomed. Axl and he chatted for a few more seconds and then said goodbye and Axl hung up. He told Timothy that Cake Cream was coming over soon. Timothy responded,"Okay."

Literally about two minutes later, there was a knock on Timothy's door and Billy was on the other side. Timothy opened the door and all of Cake Cream was in front of the door.

Axl was stunned. How did Cake Cream come so fast? Cake Cream said they were already in the building when Axl called Billy as they tracked Axl's location using Axl's phone but didn't know which room he was in until Axl said Timothy. Cake Cream was allowed in.

Axl wondered how he forgot that Cake Cream could trace his Location using his cellphone.

Timothy made New copies of the Documents and explained the situation and said that all Cake Cream and Axl had to do was sign the Documents again this time with Axl's real name. Axl said,"I'm going to sign the Documents Axl Rose this time. Billy said "Your Legal name is W. Axl Rose. You'd be wiser to sign them W. Axl Rose, not Axl Rose," Axl responded,"Good thinking, Billy!" Billy smiled. Axl signed the Documents W. Axl Rose this time and all of Cake Cream signed the Documents again too. Timothy said,"Problem solved," with a smile. All of Cake Cream and Axl thanked Timothy for the second chance and was welcomed. Cake Cream and Axl went back home.
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At home, Timothy called Axl's Cellphone. He suggested that Cake Cream record an official Debut Album. Axl told Cake Cream this and they were all up to it.

The next day, Axl wrote 10 songs for Cake Cream and Mike sang the songs while James played Guitar, Jimmy played Bass, Andy the Keyboard, and Billy played Drums. It sounded good and Axl suggested the Debut Album be titled something that is related to Cake and Cream and be catchy. He asked,"How about,"All the Sweet Filling?" Cake Cream loved this and Axl suggested the album cover be a huge three layered cake with lots of filling and frosting with a black background. Cake Cream loved this and made the Debut Album with Axl's suggestions and gave it to Claven Records.

Claven Records execs loved All The Sweet Filling and offered them a 20 Million deal plus Royalties to sell it to them. Axl and Cake Cream decided they wanted to take the deal and agreed. Cake Cream and Axl read and signed legally binding Documents (Axl signing W. Axl Rose again learning his lesson and the 20 Million plus Royalties was given. Cake Cream and Axl were happy with the deal.

Claven Records put All The Sweet Filling on Itunes and it shot to number 1 quickly. Fans loved All The Sweet Filling.

Axl and Cake Cream were ecstatic that All The Sweet Filling was a huge hit. Cake Cream were seriously becoming huge stars.

The next day, Axl went alone to a store and decided to buy each Cake Cream Member a gift. The Cashier smirked knowingly at the gifts Axl bought and Axl blushed shyly. He bought some wrapping paper and wrapped the gifts. When he got home, he gave each of Cake Cream the wrapped gifts.

Billy asked,"Are these Cologne?" Cake Cream also wondered if these were Colognes.

Axl responded with a wink,"Open them and you will see what it is."

They all opened the gifts and the gifts were Trojan Condoms. Axl said,"You're becoming huge Rockstars. You're going to have lots of Female Fans throwing themselves at you. The Temptation for sex with your Female Fans is going to be huge, so you're going to need these to protect you from STD's and becoming Fathers.

Andy blushed. Axl asked,"Andy, are you a Virgin?"

Andy responded,"I'm not a Virgin, but I'm not interested in my Female Fans throwing themselves at me. I'm interested in Male Fans." He blushed even more. Cake Cream affirmed that Andy liked Male Fans, not Female Fans.

Axl said, "Andy, you won't have to worry about becoming a Father, but you're still going to need these to protect yourself from STD'S. You'll need to protect yourself even if you're only interested in Male Fans." Andy smiled shyly.

Cake Cream thanked him for the gifts and he welcomed them. Axl went back to the store and bought lubricants and spermicides too and gave Cake Cream these gifts too and Cake Cream thanked him and he welcomed them.

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Originally Posted by Frownland View Post
If this doesn't end in an orgy I'm gonna be pissed.

The closest it comes to an orgy is Axl giving Cake Cream condoms, spermicides, and lubricants as a way to protect them when Female Fans throw themselves at them. Andy is interested in Male Fans, not Female Fans however and Axl points out Andy still needs to protect himself from STD's.
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Guys, please don't have sex with Underaged Fans. No matter how hot they are or how willing they are to have sex with you, just don't do it. Jail time and a sex offender record just isn't worth it. Axl told them.

Cake Cream decided to heed Axl's advice. They watched the News and Brian Washington after finding out that Cake Cream signed a 20 Million plus Royalties deal claimed he was suing Cake Cream for not stopping Axl from breaking his Camera and punching him in the face.

"Seriously?" Axl said exasperated. "Thank God I had him sign the Contract stating he is never allowed to ask you guys for money after getting the $200,000" Axl said, grateful for his foresight.

Brian had bragged on Social Media about getting paid $200,000 by Axl. The News Anchor asked him if he signed any paperwork to get that $200,000. Brian admitted he signed a Contract that claimed he was never to ask Cake Cream for money. The News Anchor told him he didn't have a Case since he signed a Contract. Brian looked defeated.

Cake Cream thanked Axl for protecting them from ever getting sued by Brian . He welcomed them.

"Some People will do anything for money," Axl said looking disappointed and disgusted.

Andy gave Cake Cream a guilty look, remembering the fact that he tried to sell out Axl for $5,000($1,000 cut for each Cake Cream Member). Andy felt remorseful about trying to sell out Axl. Cake Cream acknowledged his guilty and remorseful conscience.

Andy spoke to Billy in private.

Andy said,"Billy, I feel guilty and remorseful about suggesting we sell out Axl for $5,000. Please don't tell Axl what I suggested we do."

Billy responded,"You really shocked us when you suggested we sell out Axl for $5,000. But you quickly learned your lesson. We're not going to tell Axl about what you planned to do. It was an impulsive moment of weakness that you feel awful about. On top of that, he not only protected himself from being sued by Brian ever again, he protected us from ever being sued by Brian. Brian would have sued us if Axl didn't create that Contract that protected us from being sued by Brian. Axl's a true Friend."

Andy smiled. They went back to the living room. Axl gave all of Cake Cream another valuable piece of advice.

"Make sure you get deals in writing. Writing is more valuable than verbal agreements. Had I had accepted just a verbal promise from Brian that he wouldn't ever ask you guys for money, you guys would have been sued by him. Also understand what you are signing.

Cake Cream heeded Axl's advice again.

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Axl booked them for an impromptu Show at the local Marriott for the next day. Tickets were $25.

Isn't that a little low? As in REALLY low? Cake Cream asked concerned.

Axl said, " You want your tickets to be low to get more People to see you. At $25 a pop, MOST People can afford that. And besides, you guys are new in the Music Industry. People want to see what you are about, especially live, so you want to start REALLY low. At $25 a pop if you get 300 People to see you, that's $7,500 right there.

That's way more than the $500 total you guys got to open for that Guns N'Roses show the other day and more than the $100 total you got at the bar set you guys did too.$300 tickets is when you are say The Rolling Stones. Are any of you a Rolling Stone? Are any of you named Mick Jagger? Axl questioned light heartedly. They all shook their heads. Then $25 it is.

They agreed and Axl had them practice their set. They were really good. Axl was proud. He went to a Gun Range and bought 6 Bullet proof vests. And he went to a motorcycle store and bought 6 motorcycle helmets. He went back home and gave them the bullet proof vests and the motorcycle helmets. Cake Cream was confused.

Axl responded,"You guys are becoming big stars. You need protection in case they are any gunshots or items thrown. The bulletproof vests will protect your body, the motorcycle helmets will protect your head. Duff got hit in the head with a glass bottle at one of our shows and he had to be rushed to the hospital. I'll be damned if I let that happen to any of you guys." They trusted Axl and tried them on. They fit okay.

They did more practice and Axl thought Security would need protection too. He hired Security and bought them bulletproof vests and motorcycle Helmets too. He painted "Cake Cream," on all of the helmets.

The next day, they all including Security showed up at the Marriott and were wearing the bulletproof vests and motorcycle helmets. 900 Fans showed up to see Cake Cream! Cake Cream and Axl were ecstatic. They did a great show and Fans loved their motorcycle helmets and pointed out no other Music Bands wore motorcycle helmets. Axl was proud of Cake Cream.

After the show, there was tremendous applause and all of Cake Cream took a bow. The show was over and it was time to collect the money. Cake Cream and Axl were ecstatic that they made over $22,000 on one show. The Security Guards got paid, People who helped make the show possible were paid and Cake Cream and Axl got paid. They decided to go to an Upscale Restaurant to celebrate their first big gig.

They went to Morton's The Steakhouse and had Waygu Ribeye steak, Lobster, and fries. They had chocolate brownie and ice cream. They had Champagne and Axl made a Toast to Cake Cream and they toasted him back. They had a great meal and paid and left and went home.

At home, they bathed and went to sleep. When they awoke, they went on the internet and saw glowing reviews of their Marriott Show. They were ecstatic. They were huge stars! Claven Records called Axl and told Axl they wanted Cake Cream to make a Sophomore Album today!

Axl protested this, pointing out that they had JUST released their Debut Album a couple of days ago and a Sophomore Album should be at least a year after the Debut Album. Claven Records continued to push they wanted a Sophomore Album from Cake Cream today! Axl felt pressured and disturbed that Claven Records wanted Cake Cream to make a Sophomore Album today.

He told Claven Records to hold on and they did. Axl asked Cake Cream if they were up to making a Sophomore Album today.

Cake Cream all said," Hell no."

Billy said, "We just did our Debut Album a couple of days ago. And just played a show yesterday. We don't want to do a Sophomore Album today."

All of Cake Cream agreed.

Axl said,"That's what I was thinking." He told Claven Records,"No can do." Claven Records continued to push a Sophomore Album today. Axl got really upset and said,"Cake Cream is TIRED. They just did their Debut Album a couple of days ago and did a show yesterday. They are TIRED."

Claven Records continued to push a Sophomore Album today.

Axl relented and said,"Okay, fine, you win. We'll have the Sophomore Album today."

Claven Records were satisfied and said they looked forward to the Sophomore Album today.

Axl told Cake Cream that Claven Records is pushing the Sophomore Album today.

Cake Cream protested this. Axl had a plan and told them it. He was going to ask Current Guns N'Roses to make the Sophomore Album today and have them act like Cake Cream did it. Cake Cream pointed out that this was risky and hoped it work. Axl hoped it would work too.

Axl called Older Axl, Older Duff, and Older Slash and begged them all to come to Billy's house and make the Sophomore Album for Cake Cream as Claven Records was breathing down their necks for the Sophomore Album today.

Current Guns N'Roses pointed out that a Sophomore Album should be at least a year after the Debut Album, not a couple of days after. Axl admitted he thought the same thing but pointed out Claven Records was really pushing that Sophomore Album today.

Current Guns N'Roses could see how desperate Axl was and decided to come over and impersonate Cake Cream for Younger Axl.

Axl thanked them. He was welcomed.

In about an hour, Current Guns N'Roses came to Billy's house to help out Cake Cream and Axl.

Both Axls were happy to see each other again and Older Axl said wryly, "If anyone else asked us to do what you did, we would have said no. You are so lucky we care about you guys so much. Cake Cream and Axl blushed. Axl wrote 10 songs again and Older Axl sang lead trying to imitate Mike's singing, Melissa and Dizzy played the Keyboards, Duff, Richard, Slash played guitars, Frank played Drums. They sounded good.

The Current Guns N'Roses pretending to be Cake Cream finished the Sophomore Album and Cake Cream and Axl were grateful. They were thanked. They all chatted for a bit and Current Guns N'Roses left. Cake Cream went to Claven Records and gave the Sophomore Album to Claven Records. Claven Records were satisfied and thanked them for the Sophomore Album. They welcomed them.

Cake Cream and Axl were offered 30 million plus Royalties for the Sophomore Album. Cake Cream and Axl accepted the deal and more paperwork was read, understood and signed. They went back home grateful Current Guns N'Roses did the Sophomore Album for them.

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