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  1. Check out this band and gimme your opinions.: punk, myspace
  2. OmFg t3h p0s3rz R t4k1n 0v3rZ!1!: soundtrack, house - Punk
  3. gg allan: rock, quote, Bell, Computer - Punk
  4. whats your favorite splits?: punk, rock, quote, hands
  5. Poll 1: lyrics, punk, great songs, favorite band, albums
  6. Another reason to hate green day: alternative, indie, punk, rock
  7. Calabrese: punk, rock, albums, myspace, bands
  8. *The Official Minutemen Thread*: Hang - Punk
  9. Original Vandals Singer Stevo - R.I.P.: lead singer, punk
  10. bumping the jonee earthquake band thread: member, show, quote, bands - Punk
  11. The Adverts: punk, favorite songs, great songs, albums, 70s
  12. The Stranglers: bass, indie, punk, tunes, tracks
  13. The Promise Ring: pop, punk, favorite songs, band, songs
  14. Poll 2: hardcore, favorite band, Fugazi, The Ramones, bands - Punk
  15. Flowers in the Dustbin: favorite songs, band, songs - Punk
  16. The Official New Wave Thread: lyrics, depeche mode, hardcore, punk
  17. out of these cds: hardcore, cds, reviews, tracks, 2000 - Punk
  18. the return of Anarchy: punk, The Ramones, member, concert, quote
  19. just a tad overatted: pop, punk, cd, fan, quote
  20. i was quite overwhelmed: metal, pop, punk, rock, favorite bands
  21. New Forum Guidelines 8/31: members, quote, artists, band, emo - Punk
  22. Rocket from the Crypt Fans: show, band - Punk
  23. Poll 3: punk, quote, bands
  24. Pressure Point: myspace - Punk
  25. The cooters: metal, punk, quote, band
  26. Punk + Sex =...well it started clever.: soundtrack, pop, iggy pop, sex pistols
  27. Stockyard Stoics: punk, album, concert, shows, quote
  28. Cbgb: tickets, punk, doors, shows, quote
  29. Dropkick Murphy's: punk, member, irish, track, quote
  30. Toy Dolls: album, band - Punk
  31. has anyone met any band members?: lead singer, bass, punk, cover
  32. Mohawk OR Dreadlocks?: punk, shows, quote
  33. Wisdom in chains - Punk
  34. Help Please Peeps: punk, song
  35. Biggest sell-outs: pop, punk, rock, Blink 182, quote
  36. Your Opinion: punk, goth, quote, bands
  37. Nekromantix: bass, punk, genre, vocalist, bands
  38. my social distortion/punk rant: country, rock, genre, fan
  39. How Many Of You Cupcakes In A Band?: bass, metal - Punk
  40. The Official- What Are You Listening To Right Now?: punk, rock
  41. What Do You Sugar Bunns Think Of Street Punk?: exploited, career
  42. The Official- Forced Listening Thread: punk, quote, song
  43. Cretin Grims: myspace - Punk
  44. 50nZ 0f fr33d0mz!11!: titles, volume, quote, band - Punk
  45. The Beerleaders: sex pistols, artist, bands - Punk
  46. Good News For All: singer, punk, Wham!, member, concerts
  47. sb27 - New Recording "Railmate" out: 2005, Computer - Punk
  48. Versus The World: lyrics, cd - Punk
  49. Propagandhi Fans: singer, cd, mp3, discography, quote - Punk
  50. ChEcK iT ouT!!!! - Punk
  51. Versus The World!: lyrics, album, title, track, band - Punk
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  53. Will Hedley make it to Hollywood?: show - Punk
  54. does this count?: indie, punk, rock
  55. Talking Heads?David Byrne,Chris Frantz,Tina Weymouth,Jerry Harrison: house, punk
  56. i need some helpppppppppp please: iggy pop, Nirvana, Fugazi, The Ramones - Punk
  57. Who Likes Green Day: pop, punk, favorite song, song
  58. M.d.c.: punk, favorite songs, albums, member, quote
  59. New Punk/Harcore: hardcore, American, quote, artist, bands
  60. Vote For The Declaimeds New Album Design: punk, favorite songs, cd
  61. Poll 4: house, punk, favorite song, single, exploited
  62. Bad Brains Über Alles: hardcore, punk, reggae, cassette, cover
  63. horror punk: genre, goth, irish, quote, bands
  64. SHUDDER to THINK: singer, band - Punk
  65. punk, rock, quote, song, Horn
  66. The World/inferno Friendship Society: indie, punk, members, band
  67. Clash Tour: sing the song, punk, members, guitarist, tracks
  68. A Discharge thread: punk, favorite song, album, fan, bands
  69. Germs/DK/Suicidal Tendencies..: punk, albums, quote
  70. The Nihilist: electronic, punk, quote, band, songs
  71. poll 5: band - Punk
  72. T.s.o.l: lead singer, punk, rock, favorite song, title
  73. what is this song!?: reggae, quote - Punk
  74. Conflict or Crass?: lyrics, punk, sex pistols, quote, bands
  75. lost punk: volume, myspace
  76. Question...: hardcore, metal, punk, album, fan
  77. Punk Rock: pop, Blink 182, sex pistols, quote, bands
  78. 7 seconds/Kill your idols: rock, favorite bands, bands - Punk
  79. errrrrr....: album, volume, song, emo - Punk
  80. - Punk
  81. Top Of The Morning To Yeah! - Punk
  82. Peace Punks: quote, Hang
  83. Jumpin Johny'e: punk, tunes
  84. gutter mouth: show, quote, songs - Punk
  85. australian punk: rock, bands, song, Bell
  86. Help Me: punk, exploited, volume, quote, bands
  87. top 10 definitive punk tunes: alternative, hardcore, rock, The Ramones, sex pistols
  88. naked pictures of me: punk, rock, doors, The Ramones, quote
  89. The Damned: punk, great song, albums, The Ramones, sex pistols
  90. me 1st an the gimme gimmez: great song, covers, quote, songs - Punk
  91. nothing you can't spell will ever work: quote - Punk
  92. Help me out: song - Punk
  93. The Terrors - Punk
  94. Hidden Treasure: punk, cds, bands
  95. is there anything worse than hipster mosh rules?: dancing, dance - Punk
  96. Yellow Card Rock!: tickets, punk, itunes, album, member
  97. Jethro Tull: punk, rock, genre, album, fan
  98. The Jaded Kinetic?: myspace, band - Punk
  99. first punk experiance: hardcore, house, metal, vinyl, genre
  100. good name for a band: punk, rock, bling, quote
  101. Gogol Bordello: punk, single, album, title, band
  102. the final FINAL punk poll bitches: rock, albums, quote, song
  103. Stronghold - Croatian HxC: singer, hardcore, metal, punk, title
  104. " punks not dead ": pop, genre, Blink 182, The Ramones
  105. Your fantasy playlist: singer, hardcore, punk, rock, Blink 182
  106. Malignus Youth Lyrics?: punk, bands
  107. Strummer: punk, track, quote, 70s, guitar
  108. Laws: punk, quote
  109. the addicts: quote - Punk
  110. Best Site Of The Year: songs - Punk
  111. Flogging Molly: rock, show, bands, songs, 2004 - Punk
  112. help, Punk Song Mixtape: member, band, songs
  113. what made you punk?: cd, offspring, quote
  114. and the greatest punk rock band as voted my mb is...: lyrics, alternative
  115. im a homosexual: myspace, quote, band, Organ - Punk
  116. epitaph on fuse: singer, indie, punk, rock, albums
  117. What is emo?: Fugazi, quote, emo - Punk
  118. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: punk, band
  119. Teenage Jesus & the Jerks: punk, shows, quote, band
  120. Has anyone went to Cornerstone - Punk
  121. rightous jams: punk, quote, band
  122. unwritten law: lyrics, alternative, dance, pop, punk
  123. Gang Green: hardcore, member, cover, shows, quote - Punk
  124. Ladies and Gentleman, I Bring You....: punk, vocalist, guitarist, bands
  125. G.o.d: band, guitar - Punk
  126. G.o.d: band, guitar - Punk
  127. What song would you check out to?: rock, title, myspace - Punk
  128. Punk Albums Poll: country, dance, hardcore, pop, rock
  129. What lived with Snow White?: album, band - Punk
  130. Most Anthemic Punk Song: rock, The Ramones, track, classic, quote
  131. Straight Edge - Punk
  132. Punk Albums Poll Round 1: title
  133. Ask The Murder Junkie!!!!!: myspace, solo, quote, guitar - Punk
  134. i must say this....: punk, quote
  135. propaghandi - potemkin city limits: punk, rock, albums, shows
  136. Song lyrics to song driving me crazy! Who is it!!: member, band - Punk
  137. the wipers: Nirvana, cover, bands, songs - Punk
  138. help me with this song.....: alternative, rock, member, artist - Punk
  139. ATTN: Christmas time in the punk forum: dance, albums, Ching
  140. OMG! Im a mod playlist: punk, rock, albums, guitar
  141. Punk Recommendations: reggae, tunes, bands, Ching
  142. anyone heve a Dell Dj?: quote, songs - Punk
  143. Punk Albums Poll Round 2: genre, tunes, reviews, classic, band
  144. top 100 punk bands (nominations): Fugazi, sex pistols, history, Ching
  145. Local Scene AND Local Bands: country, punk, rap, rock
  146. CD recomendations and reviews.: lyrics, blues, drum, hardcore, punk
  147. All: lyrics, albums, Kiss - Punk
  148. Warped Tour Line up: soundtrack, track, bands - Punk
  149. Top 100 bands Poll 8b: fan, The Slackers - Punk
  150. Songs that you must get: house, punk, Fugazi, The Ramones
  151. the gits: quote, band - Punk
  152. Punk Album Poll 3: albums, tracks, classic, Hang
  153. The Punk Education Thread: lyrics, alternative, hardcore, house, metal
  154. Set It Straight: hardcore, punk, favorite songs, great song, myspace
  155. Punk Albums Poll 3: classics, quote
  156. Sloppy Seconds: tunes, tracks, band - Punk
  157. Need Band Name!: punk, rock, quote
  158. F-Minus: hardcore, albums, quote, band, song - Punk
  159. Jello Biafra Is a Lesbian and Darby Crash Is Sexy: quote, band - Punk
  160. Who you guys think is better...: album, iPod, quote, band - Punk
  161. Refused are fxcking dead: jazz, punk, rock, album, fan
  162. Looking for a title of a song that goes like this ...: punk, '80
  163. Street punk: favorite bands, cd, fan, exploited, irish
  164. The Fall: house, punk, rock, favorite song, cd
  165. best: punk, rock, vocalist, quote
  166. gyroscope: rock, American, bands, songs, emo - Punk
  167. sharing thread - Punk
  168. The Gig Diaries: shows - Punk
  169. RANCID question about song: suicide - Punk
  170. anyone heard of Falling Into Nothing?: myspace - Punk
  171. the Academy is on MTVU - Punk
  172. any strungout/less than jake fans?: metal, punk, rock, cd
  173. Best Punk Album of 2005: pop, cd, albums, tracks, quote
  174. Poison Idea Guitarist - RIP: hardcore, punk, rock, albums
  175. Vocalist for Severed Head of State/World Burns To Death - Stabbed: country, hardcore - Punk
  176. The Mekons: country, drum, pop, punk, rock
  177. RKL singer - another RIP: alternative, house, African, effects - Punk
  178. Minor Threat: Fugazi, shows, quote, bands, youtube - Punk
  179. Thrash: genre, shows, bands - Punk
  180. Bow Before The Majesty That Is NERF HERDER: alternative, metal - Punk
  181. Ugh this is sickening.: lead singer, tickets, rock, albums, Black Eyed Peas - Punk
  182. I would like to know more: punk, rock, albums, fan
  183. The punk FYI thread: quote, bands, 1980, Ching
  184. 12 Summers Old: volume, songs - Punk
  185. Off the message board: dance, punk, rock, cover, quote
  186. The Ex: jazz, punk, band, '79
  187. Love Equals Death...: lead singer, volume, quote, songs - Punk
  188. Skrewdriver: lyrics, singer, punk, 50cent, rapper
  189. Punky Chips Ahoy Oi! Oi! Oi!: rock, member, quote, youtube
  190. The Return Of The Stockyard Stoics.: show - Punk
  191. Goldblade: singer, blues, hardcore, house, punk
  192. hyper punks with mo hawks.: show, quote, song, Ching
  193. Rocket From The Tombs: punk, The Ramones, members, low-quality, classics
  194. mxpx: singer, rock, cd, show, quote - Punk
  195. RANDY (the band): punk, The Ramones, song
  196. Bleed the Dream: lyrics, lead singer, hardcore, metal, punk
  197. Krum Bums: fan - Punk
  198. thrask punk
  199. Best Song?: dancing, punk, exploited
  200. Anarcho Punks: lyrics, reggae, tracks, bands, soulseek
  201. anti-flag and casualties tour: punk, genre, show, quote, bands
  202. sick on the bus: lyrics, punk, myspace, song, guitar
  203. how has punk music changed: hardcore, metal, pop, rap
  204. helllllllllllp: metal, pop, punk, genre, Blink 182
  205. 59 Times The Pain: hardcore, favorite band, albums, member, title - Punk
  206. Can I Scream?: punk, genre
  207. Listen to the Minutemen: bass, punk, vinyl, album, solo
  208. punk and clothes: sex pistols, member, quote, 70s, bands
  209. All sounds the same: lyrics, alternative, punk, rock, mp3
  210. Blitz: punk, rock, cd, cd player, bands
  211. Cows: alternative, indie, punk, rock, album
  212. Hedley?: hardcore, cd, band, youtube - Punk
  213. Reagan Youth: singer, hardcore, pop, punk, favorite song
  214. venom: rock, albums, fan, quote, 70's - Punk
  215. Need help finding a song...: lyrics, punk, rock, cover
  216. the unseen: hardcore, metal, punk, cds, single
  217. Stiff Little Fingers: alternative, punk, great songs, favorite bands, albums
  218. for project..go on, u know u want to help me :-D: punk, 70s
  219. omfg!!!: dance, bass, cd, quote - Punk
  220. anyone know a song thats about girls always leading a guy on?: country, metal - Punk
  221. Cool online pop-punk, emo, indie radio station: pop, tunes
  222. Defiance, Ohio: lyrics, dance, punk, rock, album
  223. Radio Birdman: punk, myspace, quote, bands
  224. screeching weasel: punk, rock, favorite song, favorite bands, cd
  225. No Commercial Value: lyrics, singer, vocalist, quote, band - Punk
  226. You know, the Suicide Machines really suck: punk, cd, quote
  227. Atom Kinder: singer, quote, band, song - Punk
  228. she's a bombshell: lyrics, dance, bass, favorite songs, single - Punk
  229. Where Do You Go To See Bands??: lead singer, tickets, metal - Punk
  230. Max Resist: Harp - Punk
  231. This Bike is a Pipe Bomb: punk, favorite songs, cd, album
  232. Hella good/sad songs: cover - Punk
  233. East/West coast Punk
  234. help me figure out this song: alternative, punk, vocalist, DJ
  235. Iggy' biopic..: show, quote - Punk
  236. ghostbuster3000: punk, quote, Triangle
  237. The best punk bass: bass, jazz, albums, American, guitarist
  238. The Germs/Darby Crash Movie: dance, Kurt Cobain, magazine, show - Punk
  239. Trashlight Vision: music video, band, Horn - Punk
  240. Hall of fame..: punk, The Ramones, microphone, quote, band
  241. Flogging Molly owns - Punk
  242. Big Boys!: funk, hardcore, favorite bands, single, albums - Punk
  243. Buzz****s playing warped tour and a us tour: tickets, blues - Punk
  244. Sick Of It All: hardcore, quote, band - Punk
  245. Blanks 77: punk, band
  246. Some kick ass punk test presses on eBay!!: discography
  247. Planit-X-Records: lyrics, punk, album, Europe, quote
  248. favorite bands: lyrics, lead singer, blues, bass, funk - Punk
  249. Strike Anywhere: favorite song, cover, myspace, quote, band - Punk
  250. Cheap Sex: punk, concerts, quote, band, songs