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  1. defiance: Hang - Punk
  2. Tragedy: hardcore, vinyl, album, bands - Punk
  3. The Casualties: lyrics, punk, exploited, edonkey, quote
  4. Pop Punk???: alternative, pop, rock, Blink 182, title
  5. Punk Bands!: alternative, albums, Blink 182, quote, cheap
  6. Staying open minded: punk, rock, quote, bands, cheap
  7. The Emotron is better than you: lyrics, dancing, metal, metallica - Punk
  8. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland: soundtrack, singer, techno, house, instrumental - Punk
  9. community thread: punk, band, expensive
  10. Ze Voids: song - Punk
  11. Damn!!!!!: albums, bands - Punk
  12. The Declaimed finally has a song posted: singer, bass, punk
  13. MISSION OF BURMA and DEAD KENNEDYS Videos Up at KINODV: song, 1982 - Punk
  14. I need some help!: dancing, funk, hardcore, jazz, punk
  15. eve libertine/suzane vega: Hang - Punk
  16. Join Alkaline Trio, Against me!, and Silverstein in.....: quote - Punk
  17. punk: hardcore, genre, sex pistols, quote, Hang
  18. punk and fans: effect, quote, Hang
  19. Film Soundtrack/score Opportunity For Musicians: country, dance, genre, member - Punk
  20. All-American Rejects Rock Out: favorite song, single, album, quote, band - Punk
  21. The Sleeping: singer, rock, album, shows, band - Punk
  22. The Living End: punk, rock, favorite songs, genre, guitarist
  23. We Jam Econo released TOMORROW: country, funk, jazz, punk
  24. Green Day Anyone?: punk, favorite band, Linkin Park, American, member
  25. Punk turns 30 - Happy Birthday: tickets, rock, genre, album
  26. new 70's punk band: bands
  27. Grind/grind Core: metal, punk, rock, favorite bands, genre
  28. HorrorPops?: punk, rock, albums, doors, Queen
  29. 18 Visions - Warped Tour: rock, quote, bands, 2009 - Punk
  30. goodnight nurse lyrics?: songs - Punk
  31. the germs: singer, punk, quote, band, songs
  32. New Wave: punk, Berlin, bands
  33. Gang of Four: singer, funk, punk, album, show
  34. Metal Urbain: drum, punk, rock, cd, single
  35. Career Suicide: hardcore, quote, bands, soulseek - Punk
  36. Honeycreeper: lyrics, cd, fan, band - Punk
  37. We Ragazzi: punk
  38. why do?: dance, drum, metal, rock, quote - Punk
  39. The Ataris: metal, punk, rock, albums, Blink 182
  40. Getaway: lyrics, soundtrack, hardcore, punk, rock
  41. Nural: favorite song, album, volume, myspace, band - Punk
  42. old punk band poll: bands
  43. inspirational punk songs: rock, myspace, quote, 90's, history
  44. Musicbanter Rules: rock, single, members, track, Viola - Punk
  45. is punk a fasion or a way of life?: dance, hardcore
  46. most influential band to you: lyrics, jazz, punk, album
  47. PIEBALD: better screaming or singing?: hardcore, punk, member
  48. The Ergs!: pop, punk, rock, albums, miles davis
  49. What Bands Should Stop Making Music?: pop, punk, album, rolling stones
  50. The Declaimed - on a new Intl Punk comp!: hardcore, cd
  51. Rancid Fanz: lyrics, punk, rock, Queen, quote
  52. A// Political: quote, band - Punk
  53. Dead Milkmen: punk, rock, favorite song, great songs, albums
  54. The Living End: tickets, punk, rock, albums, tracks
  55. I should be sedated cause my heart is all inflated.: dance, punk
  56. Descendents: bootlegs, favorite bands, albums, classic, quote - Punk
  57. Youth Brigade: singer, bootlegs, punk, albums, quote
  58. Helios Creed: soundtrack, albums, Kiss, members, review - Punk
  59. Touch & Go appreciation: hardcore, pop, punk, rock, albums
  60. Favorite Theme Song: punk, great song, title, quote, band
  61. Never Look a Bear in the Eye, you're Gonna Fuc.king Die: punk, myspace
  62. American Hardcore - The Word on Punk: metal, rock, beastie boys
  63. Uk Subs..: myspace - Punk
  64. This forum doesn't get much activity...: punk, rock, p2p, band
  65. so, yeah: punk, rock, exploited, 80s, bands
  66. Psychedelic Furs: house, punk, cd, album, title
  67. new 80's hardcore: career, bands, suicide - Punk
  68. Proto-punk: lyric, dance, pop, rock, genre
  69. anarcho punk: hardcore, cds, bands
  70. Carve Out A Heart: song - Punk
  71. Playlist: lyric, country, metal, punk, rock
  72. Minor Threat: hardcore, punk, rock, classic, quote
  73. Awesome times 2: Europe, show - Punk
  74. The Declaimed brutalizing San Diego!: punk, albums, title, review
  75. I know where id like to be with my punk rock girlfriend kissing me: albums, member
  76. This Is Your Captain Speaking: album, songs - Punk
  77. Inquisition: metal, album, members, myspace, bands - Punk
  78. Doom: metal, punk, favorite song, quote, band
  79. Wire: instrumental, pop, punk, favorite song, album
  80. Which Bad Religion record should I get first?: lyrics, hardcore - Punk
  81. Patent Pending: punk, favorite song, volume, band, song
  82. Campaign for Real TIme: punk, band
  83. cool game!!: punk, solo, quote, guitar
  84. The Drummer from the Used now playing for rancid: lyrics, punk
  85. Alblum recommendations: house, punk, single, Fugazi, The Ramones
  86. The Sonics: punk, rock, cover, quote, 60s
  87. Melodic Hardcore?: dance, pop, punk, tune, bands
  88. Gallows: singer, punk, rock, album, myspace
  89. Twisted Charm: punk, myspace, quote, band, song
  90. Pidzama Porno: pop, punk, albums, Polish, myspace
  91. Transplants!!: rock, favorite songs, members, quote, band - Punk
  92. The Casualties: punk, rock, quote, talent, bands
  93. Method Actors: dancing, punk, members
  94. The Guillotines: blues, punk, rock, myspace, quote
  95. No punk sharing thread either?: bootleg, funk, hardcore, metal
  96. Agent Orange: cds, members, concert, band, Ching - Punk
  97. Private Jesus Detector: bass, punk, band, 2003
  98. The Last Van Zant: hardcore, metal, album, fan, American - Punk
  99. Pop Punks Not Dead: pop, rock, musical genre, album, The Ramones
  100. Radio Logic: punk, rock, show, bands, songs
  101. Just wondering if you guys could help with something...?: lyric, hardcore - Punk
  102. when will punk no longer be mainstream?: house, rock, punk-rock
  103. The Methadones - My New Drug Of Choice: lyrics, punk
  104. The Tossers - A Late St. Pattie's Day Gift To MB: albums, pogues - Punk
  105. good stuff: Religious, cover, teacher - Punk
  106. So... how come Punk is not under the Rock section?: alternative, country
  107. Midtown anyone?: band - Punk
  108. Emo is the best punk music: genre, quote, band, emo
  109. Hey ya suckas, read this thread!: dance, punk, cds, single
  110. Who Misses Midtown? - Punk
  111. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: soundtrack, member, track, band, songs - Punk
  112. Malignus youth song requests: tracks, band - Punk
  113. Adults at concerts: Usher, Polish, quote, Erhu, hands - Punk
  114. Horrors (UK). Any good?: hip-hop, indie, album, title, bands - Punk
  115. What was your introduction to punk?: hardcore, house, metal, pop
  116. Total Chaos: punk, volume, 1996
  117. I Want A Mohawk But My Mom Wont Let Me Get One: quote, song - Punk
  118. Place where you can list your top 20 punk songs: hardcore, pop
  119. capitalism: why so anti?: pop, punk, albums, bands, 1960
  120. Which song of Bleeding Through?: hardcore, metal, fan - Punk
  121. Need some D.I: albums, band - Punk
  122. Ahhh! Taste of Chaos!!!: rock, 2007 - Punk
  123. Warped Tour: dancing, hardcore, pop, punk, fan
  124. The Berlin Project.: cover, tracks, band, songs, emo - Punk
  125. whoas - Punk
  126. King Missle: cover, song - Punk
  127. Kind of Like Spitting: favorite songs, cd, mp3, iPod, band - Punk
  128. The Flaming Monkeys!: myspace, band - Punk
  129. hear ye hear ye subhumans v.s. citzen fish: bands - Punk
  130. the green day thing...: dance, hardcore, indie, pop, punk
  131. Gun Club: blues, indie, instrumental, pop, punk
  132. indian punk bands
  133. Latterman!: punk
  134. Chrome Cranks: blues, punk, myspace
  135. is punk really dead?: rock, Blink 182, quote, bands
  136. Jawbreaker: punk, favorite song, favorite bands, cds, album
  137. The Girlfriend Experience: pink floyd, members, band - Punk
  138. Punk Rock, Oi!, Hardcore, Streetrock...: reggae, vinyl, genre
  139. Ghost Mice: pop, punk, members, title, quote
  140. English origins of Emo: hardcore, discography, bands, emo - Punk
  141. Help - Looking for late 70's snatch music: soundtrack, punk
  142. real punk: Nirvana, Fugazi, sex pistols, bands, emo
  143. does any one here listen to good music?: hardcore, instrumental - Punk
  144. most underrated punk bands.: Fugazi, The Ramones, sex pistols, quote
  145. Horror Funk: quote - Punk
  146. ARGHHHHHH!!!! I need help, Mike Watt fans.: bass, album, song - Punk
  147. I need some...: hardcore, pop, punk, rock, album
  148. I'm seeing.: country, indie, punk
  149. Samiam discography - Punk
  150. Help with a thread from Gen Music: lyrics, dance, punk
  151. Morning Glory: punk, rock, bands, song
  152. punk-folk: lyrics, rock, favorite song, genre, albums
  153. Punks Not Dead: hardcore, rock, American, quote, band
  154. The Juliana Theory: favorite song, album, band, song - Punk
  155. flaming tsunamis: bass, punk, great song, bands, song
  156. G.B.H aka Charged GBH: metal, punk, track, bands
  157. Horrorpunk: lead singer, hardcore, instrumental, albums, Queen
  158. Trashlight Vision: fan, show, performance - Punk
  159. good band, 2nd of 4: rock, myspace, bands, songs, Lute - Punk
  160. 5 Albums to have on deserted island: blues, pop, punk, rock
  161. Soulja Boi Screamo?: dancing, house, rap, myspace, song - Punk
  162. Classic 70's Punk Thread: rock, genre, sex pistols, Queen, quote
  163. 500 Miles To Memphis: country, punk, rock, favorite song, album
  164. American Hardcore: soundtrack, punk, rock, genre, track
  165. Good Pop-Punk: genre, concerts, quote, bands, Horn
  166. Favourite Clash track?: lyrics, bootleg, reggae, rock, tracks - Punk
  167. where did the good threads go - Punk
  168. Patent pending: pop, punk, albums, quote, 90s
  169. Random Killing: punk, rock, cd, tunes, band
  170. Celtic Punk...: albums, pogues, The Pogues, irish, myspace
  171. Dystopia: album, cover, band, Lute - Punk
  172. DARK DARK post-punk/goth/noiserock/nowave: lyrics, electronic, hardcore, jazz
  173. Public Serpents: cd, band - Punk
  174. Electric Eels: punk, career, shows, songs
  175. Solger: punk, band, 1990
  176. Punk/Emo Love/Normal Ballads???: album, Berlin, screamo, volume
  177. adolescents....: concert, bands, Bell - Punk
  178. Kings of street punk album: cd
  179. Abe Froman: pop, punk, vinyl, members, title
  180. minor threat sXe: rock, members, quote, 80s, band - Punk
  181. Gang Of Four: rock, album, band - Punk
  182. Crust thread!: bands - Punk
  183. Television: lyrics, singer, punk, rock, albums
  184. 70's and 80's Punk: metal, rock, genre, The Ramones, sex pistols
  185. Angry Atom ( pop punk ) and under the weather ( sloppy meateaters )
  186. Buzzc ocks - Singles Going Steady: album, quote - Punk
  187. Songs being turned into screamo/metal/hardcore songs: dancing, dance - Punk
  188. Help Finding A Song: lyrics, cd, member - Punk
  189. No Cash: punk, myspace, bands
  190. hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm: punk, fan, karaoke, shows, quote
  191. 7 Car Pile Up: punk, myspace, quote, 90s, band
  192. Best Dedicated Punk Music Review Sites: indie, reviews, quote, band
  193. Gypsy Punk
  194. Theres No Punk Like The Old Punk: bands
  195. Did Malcolm McLaren Invent Punk?: bass, rock, single, The Ramones
  196. Lets see them mohawks: quote, 2005 - Punk
  197. Is Old School Punk an actual genre?: techno, hardcore, jazz
  198. Did the f*cking rotter incident "make" punk?: rock, single
  199. Why do people call bands like Fall Out Boy and Good charlotte "Sellouts"?: hardcore, fan - Punk
  200. Soundwave 08: soundtrack, offspring, Incubus, American, track - Punk
  201. Did Malcom X Invent Punk?: Hang
  202. Spinnerette: lyrics, pearl jam, Queen, members, band - Punk
  203. Would you listen to this band?: punk, Nickelback, myspace, shows
  204. Black Flag: hardcore, punk, rock, albums, reviews
  205. Greatest Punk Frontman: sex pistols, American, quote, bands, youtube
  206. Is Green Day punk thread?: house, rock, sex pistols, American
  207. Does anyone listen to nofx?: punk, favorite songs, songs
  208. Black Punk: singer, hardcore, hip-hop, members, magazine
  209. Bright Lights of America: lyrics, hardcore, cd, single, album - Punk
  210. The Germs' Live At The Whisky - Punk
  211. List Your 10 Favorite Punk Songs: alternative, favorite songs, itunes, The Ramones
  212. Kids Like Us: hardcore, favorite songs, myspace, bands, songs - Punk
  213. Lets Stop Talking About the Sex Pistols: punk, rock, The Ramones
  214. Isn't 'Pop-Punk' an oxy moron?: singer, pop, rock, genre
  215. Is Punk dead as of 2008?
  216. Botox Party: punk, myspace
  217. The Dead Kennedys: lyric, punk, bands, guitar
  218. Best Clash Album?: lyrics, bootleg, punk, rock, albums
  219. Ramones vs. The Clash: lyrics, punk, favorite band, The Ramones, sex pistols
  220. The Sex Pistols Appreciation Thread: punk, band, youtube
  221. Best skatepunk band?: quote, 90s, bands
  222. Texas Punk: country, metal, rock, show, classic
  223. Looking for a Song/Band From Before '89: lyrics, lead singer - Punk
  224. Against Me!: punk, album, band
  225. So how about The Cure?: punk, band
  226. Maybe you can point me in the right direction...: vinyl, fan - Punk
  227. The Distillers: metal, rock, bands - Punk
  228. Help choosing an MSI album: punk, albums, title, quote
  229. Good Ska-Punk: favorite bands, show, quote, bands, songs
  230. Punk's Not Dead is finally available on dvd!: The Ramones, sex pistols
  231. MxPx: punk, favorite bands, genre, albums, album cover
  232. The Only Ones: lyrics, punk, great songs, guitarist, songs
  233. The Gaslight Anthem - Sink or Swim: punk, favorite bands, album
  234. Good Punk Bands: hardcore, metal, rock, single, genre
  235. Nirvana(only True Fans Welcome): punk, Cobain, bands
  236. Babes In Toyland: singer, metal, punk, rock, Courtney Love
  237. Suburan Noize Records- Humble Gods: punk, band
  238. Catchiest Punk Songs?: metal, pop, Fugazi, The Ramones, offspring
  239. Punks who hate on Straight edge: hardcore, metal, Metalhead, track
  240. black lips: alternative, indie, psychedelic, myspace, band - Punk
  241. Good punk...: bands
  242. Suicide: pop, punk, albums, Atmosphere, tracks
  243. Mika Miko: funk, punk, albums, myspace, youtube
  244. Punk is ***: pop, rock, genre, sex pistols, magazine
  245. proto poli pop??: punk, member
  246. British punk? Hardcore? Thrashcore? Where is all this magic?: metal, bands
  247. The Lawrence Arms: lyrics, punk, albums, bands, song
  248. Live Punk Shows Downloads??
  249. The Saints: punk, albums, member, classics, quote
  250. New Rancid CD delayed....AGAIN!: punk, album, fan, classic