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  1. who's the coolest punk-rock band???: favorite band, Blink 182, The Ramones, sex pistols
  2. The Official Offspring Thread: cd, single, songs - Punk
  3. Anti-Flag: lyrics, punk, favorite song, quote, band
  4. Sex Pistols vs. Ramones: singer, punk, hendrix, The Ramones, tunes
  5. The Casualties: hardcore, punk, rock, fan, title
  6. Tsunami Bomb: lead singer, rock, fan, band, songs - Punk
  7. The Official Blink 182 Thread: lyrics, hardcore, punk, rock, cd
  8. The Misfits: country, punk, rock, bands, songs
  9. The Official Social Distortion Thread: lyrics, rock, great songs, favorite bands - Punk
  10. The Exploited: songs - Punk
  11. Anyone heard of Millencolin?: tickets, punk, favorite song, guitarist, quote
  12. Must own Punk albums: dance, hardcore, rock, genre, iggy pop
  13. Leftover Crack/Choking Victim: punk, rock, members, quote, band
  14. A Fire Inside: albums, fan, vocalist, shows, artist - Punk
  15. What is your favorite punk band?: The Ramones, classics
  16. Humerous Punk Bands: genre, album, Kiss, title, quote
  17. Against Me!: lyrics, dancing, punk, rock, favorite songs
  18. Good call on making this its own forum...: punk, sex pistols
  19. Get that Soul Bouncin'!: lyrics, pop, punk, great song, cd
  20. S.i.: great song, cover, band, song, 1983 - Punk
  21. Bad Brains: singer, hardcore, punk, reggae, rock
  22. Black Market Crash: volume, band, songs - Punk
  23. Compilations: punk, rock, cds, shows, DJ
  24. Re: Awesome Bands!!!: punk, cd, debut cd, emocore, members
  25. best lyrics ever: country, hardcore, pop, punk, rock
  26. Bad Religion: punk, rock, favorite songs, great song, cd
  27. Rock Against Bush: country, cd, fan, quote, Lute - Punk
  28. New Texas Hardcore/punk Band: tunes, bands, songs
  29. If you like Lower Class Brats.....: punk
  30. Thrice, its ShadowSniper: techno, country, rock, quote - Punk
  31. Supergrass: single, Kiss, goth, band - Punk
  32. Afi: lyrics, Korn, quote, band - Punk
  33. Hey new band comin out: quote - Punk
  34. In 9 days time in witness on the best punk shows, GOOD RIDDANCE: ticket, Hang
  35. Good Punk Bands: lead singer, hardcore, cd, exploited, American
  36. New band!!!! outwit :): volume - Punk
  37. Ian MacKaye's new project.: hardcore, punk, single, fan, Fugazi
  38. The Official Dead Kennedys/Jello Biafra Thread: punk, rock, favorite song
  39. good bands: dance, rock, favorite bands, iggy pop, The Ramones - Punk
  40. The Heard Magazine - Looking for scout/writer: indie, metal - Punk
  41. New Found Glory on the Fuse: lyrics, pop, punk, fan
  42. Cyprus Hill stolen bass line from The Clash?: punk, fan
  43. Best punk reviews at:
  44. Evergreen Terrace: favorite bands, Atmosphere, concert, bands, songs - Punk
  45. Favorite Punk/Emo Music Video: rock, Blink 182, member, band
  46. Anyone For Sugarcult?: punk, cd, album, quote, memory
  47. The F-Ups: album, band - Punk
  48. and you will know us by the trail of dead: albums, track - Punk
  49. can anybody help?!: punk, French
  50. Sum 41: music video, pop, punk, rock, cd
  51. anti-flag the terror state: lyrics, house, punk, rock, album
  52. Yellowcard on Fuse! - Punk
  53. Fed up with ****: punk, Tool, band, Bell
  54. Gangsta - Punk
  55. hey! - Punk
  56. Strung Out Fans: punk, rock, fan, concert, quote
  57. Help?: hardcore, punk, rock, concert, shows
  58. Ever Heard of Fellside?: punk, fan, band
  59. WaRpEd ToUR: show, bands - Punk
  60. Hopelessly devoted to you comp question: cd, volume, band - Punk
  61. Misfits fourms from hell: bands - Punk
  62. Rancid: punk, albums, The Ramones, sex pistols, tune
  63. Punk Rock/Hardcore bands: dance, fan, member, title, quote
  64. Vote Kerry 2004: punk, quote, band
  65. do you a GREENDAY?: rock, albums, Polish, quote, band - Punk
  66. From Autumn To Ashes - Punk
  67. Punk guitarists: drum, bass, favorite bands, covers, solo
  68. Attention AKA Fans!!: member, band - Punk
  69. Female Punk Singers: techno, pop, fan, Gwen Stefani
  70. What band sings this?: punk, quote, memory, song
  71. The Sharky Doyles: punk, pogues, irish
  72. Sugarcult on FUSE! - Punk
  73. The Official Green Day Thread: dance, house, punk, favorite song
  74. ruining the local scenes: dancing, country, hardcore, house, indie - Punk
  75. du people here think busted are wannabes?: rock, guitarist, quote - Punk
  76. Help! please!: lyrics, house, punk, albums, fan
  77. Safety Pins: band - Punk
  78. Looking for name of old punk band: song
  79. Rise Against: favorite band, cds, genre, albums, volume - Punk
  80. PuNk_RoCk: lyrics, dance, pop, album, fan
  81. Guitar tutor: metal, punk, rock, metallica, guitarist
  82. The best punk/emo one-liners.: song
  83. so the new off minor cd leaked onto the internet: soulseek - Punk
  84. Top Ten PUNK Bands (post fall out boy at own risk): pop, rock
  85. MAke a Comp: punk, cd, Blink 182, 50 cent, member
  86. Heres some great yellowcard sites! Stream yellowcard music!: music video - Punk
  87. Can Anyone Help me with these lyrics....: goth, band, song - Punk
  88. Ever been to Warped Tour?: punk, quote, bands, guitar
  89. Defiance/Deprived/Resist outside of Portland?: show, bands - Punk
  90. Check this out, it's rad - Punk
  91. Stiffed?: indie, member, band - Punk
  92. Hundred Reasons: track, songs, Lute, expensive - Punk
  93. Hottest Punk Singer: pop, quote
  94. Do You Hate Simple Plan And All Those Other Mainstream Bands: metal, pop - Punk
  95. Brian Deneke who was killed because he was a punk: dancing, ticket
  96. Do You Like Punk And Ska??!!: rock, band
  97. anyone like ANTIDOTE: punk, band
  98. Career Soldiers- San Diego Punk Rock: careers, band
  99. Warped Week on FUSE!: punk, rock, albums, Blink 182, shows
  100. Need to identify album/band: lyric, punk, track
  101. Tombstone Diaries: volume - Punk
  102. Should I buy albums by these bands: country, metal, punk
  103. Anyone Know what Ska is anymore?: dance, indie, rock, favorite bands - Punk
  104. 1974: rock, album, sex pistols, classic, bands - Punk
  105. American Idiot?: rock, cd, album, fan, track - Punk
  106. thursday: cd, genre, album, quote, band - Punk
  107. October And After: punk, guitarist, songs, guitar
  108. Folly!!!: hardcore, album, band, songs - Punk
  109. something new to listen to/check out: volume, band - Punk
  110. Armand Schaubroeck: artist, 1978 - Punk
  111. A Mistake Mp3's: volume, band - Punk
  112. Looking for bands: metal, punk, rock
  113. Need some help: metal, punk, rock, album, member
  114. Do You Have A Scene?: bass, hardcore, hip-hop, indie - Punk
  115. The matches anyone?: punk, cd, concert, song, suicide
  116. Question, sensible answers please: alternative, hardcore, punk, rock, genre
  117. Toxic Narcotic: dancing, tickets, hardcore, favorite bands, albums - Punk
  118. Fugazi - Punk
  119. the Adicts: band - Punk
  120. Top 10 Favorite ROCK/PUNK Songs: albums, beatles, Nirvana, Fugazi
  121. the Dead Pets: cds, albums, Religious, tunes, myspace - Punk
  122. The Decay: punk, classic, band
  123. Alkaline Trio : Emo or Not?: lyrics, punk, rock, favorite bands
  124. Looking for a Venue: bands - Punk
  125. Funny ****. - Punk
  126. Im So Strung Out!!!!!!!: rock, album, songs - Punk
  127. VERSE!! this is real hardcore: cd, Organ - Punk
  128. Does anyone agree with me when i say simple plan sucks?: punk, rock
  129. Got Ink? - Punk
  130. Billy Idol's Baby Talk. Can you still buy an album with this on it?: old music, albums - Punk
  131. Black Flag: country, hardcore, instrumental, punk, favorite bands
  132. punk-o-rama....punk anymore?: rap, rock, cd, Atmosphere, artists
  133. Cool Bands on FUSE!: genre, fan, The Cure, show, emo - Punk
  134. Good Songs..... - Punk
  135. Americans Know Nothing About Punk: Blink 182, French, irish, quote
  136. Thes Are The Best Punk Bands: genre, exploited, American, irish
  137. anyone like this kinda music??: punk, Blink 182, Fugazi, offspring
  138. faint'd love: dance, metal, punk, 80s
  139. Local punk band: song
  140. my lyrics. do you like them?: punk, great song, fan, irish
  141. BOXCUTTERS or BLOOD BROTHERS fans?: show - Punk
  142. new song. WHAT DO YOU THINK?: dance, punk, shows, quote
  143. how bout best punkk songs??: Fugazi, exploited, Queen, quote
  144. Stoned Music.: dance, funk, reggae, rock, favorite songs - Punk
  145. Best front man: singer, rock, guitarist, quote, band - Punk
  146. If you had the chance...: house, indie, punk, rock
  147. does anyone agree?: punk, shows, quote, bands, song
  148. Dirty Punks Vs. Hardcore Punks: goth, quote, emo
  149. The Unseen: punk, single, album, quote, bands
  150. mainstream vs underground: punk, genre, bands, Ching
  151. Im a Super-Mod Playlist: dance, punk, American, quote, Hang
  152. TRIPLE THREAT "A New Chapter" 7-INCH/CDEP OUT NOW!: bass, hardcore - Punk
  153. Siren Song of The Counter Culture: dancing, hardcore, metal, punk
  154. got steel - Punk
  155. some one tell me: punk, albums
  156. Good Music SHow found!: hip-hop, punk, rap
  157. Any good tours heading my way?: bands, Horn - Punk
  158. Sid and Nancy: Queen, band, song - Punk
  159. Dkm: punk, rock, pogues, The Pogues, irish
  160. Good Bands/Bad Bands: lyrics, hardcore, pop, punk, rock
  161. Best Punk Rock Bands Ever
  162. What exactly is Punk?: dance, rap, Tool, shows, artist
  163. simple plan are crap: Blink 182, bands, Ching - Punk
  164. Gang Green - Boston anyone?: punk, quote, band
  165. The Official NOFX Thread: lyrics, rock, fav song, quote, bands - Punk
  166. Hair Cut Ideas: punk, quote, Hang
  167. English Punks
  168. Thrice & Strung Out: lyrics, album, quote, bands, songs - Punk
  169. Name for a band: bass, punk, rock, sex pistols, members
  170. for fans of new music.....: volume, shows, band - Punk
  171. Good Charlotte vs. Simple Plan: favorite bands, bands - Punk
  172. Anti-Nowhere League: metal, punk, metallica, cover, band
  173. yummy punk rock girls: singer, dance, hardcore, album, fan
  174. The Last Martyr: punk, volume
  175. The Faction: quote, songs - Punk
  176. Is the best punk really from the US?: country, favorite band
  177. Halifax: rock, classic, bands - Punk
  178. Did Sid Vicious Have Any Talent?: singer, bass, punk, solo
  179. Check out these shirt designs... - Punk
  180. Good Sites to DL music from without kazaa: alternative, volume - Punk
  181. 100 greatest punk bands list
  182. man waynegrow your an idiot: lyric, house, metal, punk
  183. Simple Plan, addicted to oi?: American, cover, band, songs - Punk
  184. If you like the Damned check this out!: punk, band
  185. Top 10 Punk Bands: hardcore, reviews, volume
  186. Rock Gods - Punk
  187. Help me! Especially if you're from S New England: punk, Organ
  188. Wich band do you like the best? - Punk
  189. I Almost Wish I LIved In The U.S.: tickets, metal - Punk
  190. In a band?: genre, member, bands - Punk
  191. Hardcore Punk: rock, band
  192. i would like to say sorry!: American, cover, quote, song - Punk
  193. I spent hours reading this: punk
  194. Im Back And Im Smarter Than You - Punk
  195. fav/best/killa punx songs: punk, sex pistols, exploited, American
  196. Pennywise...: fav song, cd, albums, fan, title - Punk
  197. Favourites...: hardcore, metal, pop, punk, rock
  198. Christmas Punk/Rock...: dance, cd, album, Blink 182, The Ramones
  199. if you hate censorship+like pissing people off: lyrics, ticket - Punk
  200. Rudie Peni anyone? - Punk
  201. HaIr CoLoURs - Punk
  202. worst concert ever: rock, fan, shows, quote, bands - Punk
  203. Left Over Crack drummer dead: alternative, show, quote, talented - Punk
  204. Nofx- the war on errorism: pop, punk, cd, albums
  205. Critic Of Judgement: title, tunes, volume, tracks, bands - Punk
  206. Propaghandi: lyrics, great song, album, fan, quote - Punk
  207. skater punk question: classic, quote, bands, song
  208. What is the point of decent music?: bands - Punk
  209. A Wilhelm Scream anyone?: songs, Hang - Punk
  210. Tape/cdr trading: listening to music, hardcore, pop, punk, mp3 player
  211. The Black Halos: volume, shows - Punk
  212. Who are some of your favourite Canadian based punk groups?: house, career
  213. got a question: indie, metal, punk, rock, genre
  214. bdo in aus.: blues, beastie boys - Punk
  215. Oi!: cd, bands, songs - Punk
  216. Pulley who are they?: lead singer, punk, rap, cd, album
  217. Ryan Hei is a sweet kid: punk, Hang
  218. The Germs: bootleg, punk, favorite bands, cd, American
  219. LOC/Choking V: punk, reggae, rock, favorite songs, concert
  220. Up and coming band!!: volume - Punk
  221. Personal Response to Brand New.: lyrics, cd, title, track - Punk
  222. all the way from gods pocket: reviews - Punk
  223. In Good Company: punk, The Ramones, guitarist, shows, artist
  224. Varukers: great song, albums, title, quote, bands - Punk
  225. Punchline - Punk
  226. i hate compulation CD's...: lyrics, hardcore, punk, rock, cds
  227. MP3 Links: alternative, house, punk, debut album, album
  228. Fandangle Homeland Tour 2005 (Moonska Europe): house, rock, album, volume - Punk
  229. Nausea: cd, 50 cent, title, quote, band - Punk
  230. Reagan Youth: lyrics, blues, hardcore, punk, rock
  231. Yellowcard Surrealistic Music Video: pop, punk, rock, genre, quote
  232. Crass: punk, rock, mp3, albums, members
  233. Huge Punk Show !!!!!: tickets, shows
  234. Tiger Army: bass, metal, punk, rock, fav song
  235. Punk Pictures: rock, albums, Queen, track, artist
  236. Free Tickets: punk, show
  237. WhAt Do YOu ThINkS BeTTeR: punk, Blink 182, sex pistols, quote
  238. Subhumans: rock, Religious, show, quote, band - Punk
  239. musician's side projects: punk, Fugazi, solo, quote, artists
  240. Goldfinger going on tour: blues, house, Inci - Punk
  241. CHASER @ the Knitting Factory Hollywood (review): tickets, punk, rock, bands
  242. Battle of hte c0cks - Punk
  243. Punk Show-Jan 30-Anaheim: tickets, show, bands
  244. Saosin: lyrics, punk, songs, emo
  245. Street Dogs: singer, punk, single, fan, band
  246. For those who Love Sid Vicious: bass, punk, fan, sex pistols
  247. Wanna start a band in Around Fort Myers, FL: guitarist, guitar - Punk
  248. Sid Search continues......: punk, rock, sex pistols, quote, talent
  249. Im going to a show tonight, hehehe..: singer, country, punk
  250. Kurt Or Tommy: house, punk, Kurt Cobain, quote, artist