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  1. Ok to say: Save from a war; Burn from inside?
  2. Can you pronounce thriller > thrila in a song text?
  3. can someone please help?
  4. Believe
  5. Writing to a bassline
  6. The MB Musicians' Genre Extravaganza
  7. Sexy music
  8. Accidently Making Other Riffs
  9. Monstrosity - Chaos
  10. How to get my song composed?
  11. Where to get new songs for a music band?
  12. Circa 2012
  13. Fantasy, Novel kind Soundtracks
  14. My Guardian Angel
  15. Ori's beautiful poetry
  16. Lucem Ferre's Lyrics
  17. Could someone help me with making chords to a note sheet?
  18. Best friends forever (heavy metal)
  19. Song lyrics about brothers liking same girl?
  20. How does 4-part harmony work?
  21. Stellar (Oh, hello there..)
  22. BigN's "little lyrics thread"
  23. Cool sounds: guitar solo cover
  24. Is there any artist out there who is willing???
  25. The Son of a Gypsy Woman
  26. Will I Infringe On Any Copyright For This?
  27. Write your Lyrics & Music while you perform.
  28. Judge my poem
  29. Raise lyrics of Someday (Bjørn Berge)
  30. One Album Every Month (2017)
  31. The Identity Matrix's useless thread of lyrics he wrote
  32. New lyrics to "Supermarket Flowers" by Ed Sheeran
  33. What's the name of this song? It's playing in my head forna week now I think.
  34. What's the name of this song? Need help!
  35. Why Did I Write This? (Awful Parody Rap)
  36. Fire in my heart
  37. Save me tonight
  38. Oppressive Awakening
  39. Opinion on lyrics?
  40. Just wanting some input on my lyrics
  41. I need some vocals
  42. Crosses and Crutches
  43. Need help with lyrics !
  44. Chew up your food.
  45. Artichoke Frogger vs. Razor Wheels
  46. Untitled Piece
  47. Can't come up with music in my mind.
  48. still cant find this song been looking forever help
  49. home
  50. I made lyrics called 'The Sun'. please give me some comment.
  51. The MB Tribute Album Project: Black Sabbath
  52. My Favorite Cookie
  53. Lucem Ferre Creative Stream
  54. Raellic's songwriting journal
  55. Call You Back
  56. Where did all the real ones go?
  57. Baby is that you?
  58. Thoughts?
  59. The Purest Solitude
  60. NEW: Griffiths's Scales Tutorial, Minor-Minor!
  61. Donky Kong SOng
  62. How Charming (WIP)
  63. Why am I looking for your feedback?
  64. Don's Stuff
  65. Songwriting: relationship between words with chords
  66. Rate My Song plz
  67. To Christophe with Love.
  68. What Bands And/Or Musicians Inspired You
  69. Forum Member Showcase Database
  70. Does poetry effect us like music?
  71. A request
  72. Any tip to compose music with more than 2 instruments?
  73. Is good singing voice something people born with?
  74. rate 4 lines... more to it, however, can't give it all away
  75. Judge me
  76. Songwriter looking for a lyricist
  77. O Moon -a poem
  78. Reviews Required
  79. What does it take?
  80. Shadows5 song lyric collection
  81. William
  82. Artists: How Often Do You Listen to Your Own Music?
  83. Musicbanter Collaborations and Splits
  84. How?
  85. Flick
  86. For the Sake Of The Myth
  87. Aux-In's Affectations
  88. What is your songwriting method?
  89. Intention by Cinch
  90. Possession by Cinch
  91. Noob's Kite by Cinch
  92. what I think is free-verse
  93. Snowless's Collection
  94. How do I get Ideas for music.
  95. A New Career in an Old Town: Chelly's Poetry & Lyrics
  96. Advice, critic on song lyrics ~ Help out with song lyrics ~
  97. Undead Lich (Parody of Billionaire)
  98. Opinions on a WIP Song
  99. [Please Rate my Lyrics] - Won't Let Go
  100. Autism. (An old poem of mine. :))
  101. Are these lyrics any good?
  102. Plainy's Lyrics
  103. Share some my favorite lyrics
  104. give me the opinion on my lyrics pls.. thx ;)
  105. Looking for critique - Pieces written over 8 months. [W.I.P - Metal]
  106. a new career
  107. feedback on a single
  108. need support with this lyrics
  109. MusicBanter track Collab
  110. Advice on songs
  111. Looking to collaborate
  112. Are there any words or lyrics that have comforted you, filled your emptiness and the
  113. What is something that you struggle with most as a music artist?
  114. Help me simplify this piece?
  115. Help me complete the lyrics for this song ♪♫♪
  116. Cody Sparks - Breaking Point (critiques welcome)
  117. My lyrics
  118. My first written song (Rap)
  119. `
  120. Tell me what you think of my lyrics
  121. " my favourite addiction "
  122. Rate My Lyrics Please
  123. A few questions on chord progressions?
  124. A Verse From A Song From A Project
  125. own it
  126. Whatever Happens
  127. Any publicity is good publicity.
  128. Critique please B)
  129. Poems Mr. Charlie Likes
  130. Critcism and thoughts!!!!! Broken Souls
  131. RL Clown's official collection
  132. Another Town
  133. A young lad in a costume of oldish.
  134. Noobie needs help on songwriting
  135. Music Review
  136. Lyricist Seeking Songwriter To Collaborate
  137. E5I5O's Music Thread
  138. This Is A Poem I wrote....
  139. I want to write songs for professionals
  140. This Pain
  141. Trishy Trish Collection
  142. RL Clown's utopia
  143. Loveshot
  144. Need criticism: first song
  145. I wrote this a couple years ago and want to turn it into a song. Help.Trigger Warning
  146. Incredible song rhyme
  147. Please rate my first song!
  148. My song(?) lyrics / poetry
  149. Upcoming Album, looking for opinions and feedback.
  150. Poem/song?
  151. just a song....broken souls
  152. screw it I'm posting a really bad rap I wrote why not
  153. Collaboration For Lyricists
  154. thesienna's Collection
  155. Beginning Poets?
  156. Yo yo yo, I wrote a rap.
  157. Two Raps I Wrote
  158. My ****ty Ramblings (Poetry, Free Writing Exercises, and More)
  159. Just to make you happy
  160. Song advice?!?!?
  161. My Plagiarism worries
  162. I don't care by Clarissa Dupuis (me)
  163. Plot 7347 - Playing with Metre and Chord Progressions
  164. Quicksand
  165. Facade
  166. "Back To The Sea"
  167. First post, First poem, hoping for something long term!
  168. Gypsy Rose
  169. Dexie's Lyric Collection
  170. opinions on my lyrics please?! :)
  171. Stained
  172. Deafening
  173. Cognition
  174. I like when wind blows.... EMPTY HOUSE
  175. How would you interpret this song?
  176. Nounless
  177. Got bored and wrote a poem
  178. A poem about romance..
  179. Does the amount a person contributes to their album determine how good they are?
  180. Do you need a label to be successful in the music industry ?
  181. Song - Gold
  182. The Poetry Arena (Oriphiel's Collection?)
  183. My Music
  184. SONG - Oxygen
  185. SONG - Days (for Jeff Buckley)
  186. SONG - Perspective
  187. SONG - We All Pretend
  188. SONG - Tired
  189. pain poetry
  190. Never Flowers (a poem)
  191. Short song...
  192. A random idea
  193. Rccheetah's Collection
  194. Fuzzy Logic - My first EP
  195. Songs You're Learning?
  196. Nowadays (lyrics)
  197. Song Lyrics (For a Tune)
  198. Going To Keep A songwriting Journal Of Sorts
  199. If you would be so kind...
  200. Fix things (pop)
  201. ghaw2007's Lyrics Collection
  202. Made a lyric and the song. Hope you like it
  203. Siberian tigers
  204. How would you interpret this song that I wrote?
  205. Black Wings
  206. Goodbye, Good Riddance (My Hometown)
  207. Song Idea I recorded this morning.
  208. "She comes from South Asia"
  209. Chief Of Police
  210. Waiting For The Miracle. This is a lyrics that I love it.
  211. Q from Dancer
  212. Second Try
  213. I wanna smoke pot but I can't.
  214. Save the World
  215. Playing with fire(MySongLyrics)
  216. Help Critique a song?
  217. The Trilogy
  218. tds_hallmark's collection
  219. Songwriting technique (a short post)
  220. Parakletos' Collection
  221. My Deck of Papers!
  222. The Dawn of This Day
  223. Feedback on new pop rock single
  224. finding myself as an artist, help
  225. Guitar to bass adaptation?
  226. Some poem and lyrics..
  227. Which always gets to you?
  228. Need help with my lyrics
  229. Shakira of kurdistan
  230. Check 'em lyrics
  231. Soundcloud embed help!!
  232. My lyrics
  233. Recording question plz help!
  234. Transitions - any good articles/videos?
  235. International Collaboration
  236. My songs lyrics.
  237. Fucck you N.W.O
  238. StringingAlong's Collection
  239. Victoria Beckham Fantastic Pregnancy Manner Types
  240. Check my two musics and tell me something bout them
  241. Unlocking your GENIUS!!?
  242. This is How I write Music
  243. Songs of mine
  244. Some questions regarding your songwriting experience :)
  245. Grand Illusion Collective - A Collection of the Arts
  246. Someday
  247. April Opened Her Eyes To The Mornig Sun Rise
  248. toosik. can you take a look at my lyrics
  249. The pianist (poem)
  250. A request for "good" lyrics

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