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  1. I am an alien from outer space.: lyrics, dance, metal - General Music
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  3. from this day forward: lyrics, alternative, metal, pop, rap - General Music
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  8. The I'm A Bigger Prick Than You thread: lyrics, house - General Music
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  10. Secret Garden: concert, songs - General Music
  11. Define your taste in <140 characters.: classics, quote, artist, talent - General Music
  12. Best Band Involving Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt: rock, album - General Music
  13. the easy genius of celebrated heroes.: lyrics, doors, covers, quote - General Music
  14. Question on a Genre: soundtrack, album, Linkin Park, myspace, orchestra - General Music
  15. Stevie Ray Vaughan.: song - General Music
  16. 100 Things That I Love About Music: jazz, punk, cd, albums - General Music
  17. Why is'nt there a thread about...: albums, members, quote, bands - General Music
  18. John Mayer Dvd: dance, songs - General Music
  19. What's the last good band/artist you got turned on to? Explain why you like them.: soundtrack, alternative - General Music
  20. Lyrics that annoy you: metal, single, rolling stones, metallica, mc - General Music
  21. You have to choose ten and only ten...: lyrics, blues - General Music
  22. Jonas Brothers: hendrix, guitar - General Music
  23. sleepy jack's lists: lyrics, singer, blues, house, rock - General Music
  24. Mannheim Steamroller: albums, quote, band - General Music
  25. Suggest the 'Sexiest' Song?: lyrics, jazz, cd, vinyl, Creed - General Music
  26. Favorite Covers: rolling stones, songs - General Music
  27. Most Beautiful Melodies Ever ~> ANY Genre: depeche mode, album, pink floyd - General Music
  28. Stolen Song Beat?: great songs, member, quote, band, songs - General Music
  29. Best photos of your favorite artists: albums, Blondie,, 2008 - General Music
  30. “Hello. My name is Baltazar. I am a pop music hater”: lyrics, alternative - General Music
  31. Looking for some HELP finding a song....: singer, madonna, American - General Music
  32. Favorite guitarists of all time: metal, rock, jimi hendrix - General Music
  33. Music videos channels: - General Music
  34. the music you listen to is scientifically linked to your personality: country, dance - General Music
  35. can't find my post: members, song - General Music
  36. How Do You Take Care of Your Vinyl? - General Music
  37. 100 People Who Make Me Love Music: rock, guitarist, speakers, solo - General Music
  38. What Is Your Definition of Music?: alternative, Radiohead, Tool, classic - General Music
  39. i'm So Sorry...: title - General Music
  40. Favorite Commercials with your Artist!: house, member, iPod, youtube - General Music
  41. Justice Banned clip, what do you think about it?: band, song - General Music
  42. Hall Of Fame: Induction Thread Number 1: singer, hip-hop, pop, punk - General Music
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  44. Dirty Heads: album - General Music
  45. The Real Atticus Finch: drum, song, Bell, MIDI keyboard - General Music
  46. US 2008 Election Playlist: blues, goth, magazine, Grammys, quote - General Music
  47. When do bands have to play at bigger venues?: album, Atmosphere - General Music
  48. What genre of music do you own the most of?: electronic, alternative - General Music
  49. Bob or Bob?: songs - General Music
  50. My list of "100 things that annoy me about music"!: alternative, blues - General Music
  51. How do you organize your physical music collection?: soundtrack, itunes, albums, beatles - General Music
  52. R.I.P. Richard Wright: instrumental, genre, albums, pink floyd - General Music
  53. Man's Constant Battle With Girlfriends Devoid Of Music Taste: career, quote - General Music
  54. Jesus Is My Friend: quote, youtube, 1974 - General Music
  55. A Little more tori to love: rock, quote, Ching - General Music
  56. creative, original, homemade: youtube - General Music
  57. Show Us Your Music Player: itunes, albums, tunes, iTunes - General Music
  58. New Bond theme: white stripes, quote, songs, youtube - General Music
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  60. The "Encoding CD's to MP3's" discussion thread: cd, itunes - General Music
  61. Projekt Stark: myspace, artist - General Music
  62. Sorry Guys: punk, Hang - General Music
  63. Halloween Mix help!: soundtrack, punk, trance, cd, Judas Priest - General Music
  64. Who is your "Antichrist" in music?: singer, house - General Music
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  68. lyrical or rhythmical?: lyrics, jazz, rock, genre, effect - General Music
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  70. Travis Barker critically injured during a plane crash: DJ - General Music
  71. lala: cd - General Music
  72. Archive: shows, artists - General Music
  73. The Music Banter Essential Guide to Music: dance, funk, metal - General Music
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  76. what album do you keep hidden?: albums, Johnson - General Music
  77. Twist endings: lyrics, house, metal, pop, Kiss - General Music
  78. Genius? GENIUS!: house, itunes, genre, fan, Tool - General Music
  79. Favorite Myspace Artist *POLL*: dance, quote, bands, 2005 - General Music
  80. Jam Bands: drum, indie, punk, rock, genre - General Music
  81. Selling Out: singer, house, pop, punk, rock - General Music
  82. 411mania's "worst 80s songs":: music video, electronic, dance, metal - General Music
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  86. 1000 songs!: great songs - General Music
  87. Is it possible to objectively judge music?: country, rock, genre - General Music
  88. God himself playing Super Mario and Zelda: effects, memories, songs - General Music
  89. Albums or Mixes?: favorite songs, vinyl, single, genre, Queen - General Music
  90. Cool article on vinyl resurgence:: 2008 - General Music
  91. Viva ABBA: dance, jazz, metal, genre, covers - General Music
  92. The Chillout Thread: soundtrack, blues, single, album, tracks - General Music
  93. Treefingers Project : Top Songs of each Decade: funk, itunes, album - General Music
  94. R&B/HIP-HOP & Gospel Together?: rock, genre, Religious - General Music
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  101. For Fans of Pop Music: tickets, genre, albums, fan - General Music
  102. 100 Things About Music That I Have a Neutral Opinion Of: soundtrack, rock - General Music
  103. Oh.........My.........God: lyrics, fan, cover, quote, band - General Music
  104. The ultimate joint: rock, Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, rock star - General Music
  105. MB Essential Guide Poll: ***Pink Floyd***: blues, favorite band, single, genre - General Music
  106. Your thoughts on ICP: quote, song, 1986 - General Music
  107. Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Songs: dance, house, cd, Linkin Park - General Music
  108. What Is Everyone's Personal Top 4 Albums?: lyrics, funk, metal, pop - General Music
  109. Hey Hey Hey Definition of success it?: myspace, career, quote - General Music
  110. MB Essential Guide Poll: ***Joy Division***: indie, punk, rock, genre - General Music
  111. Accepting that John Lennon was a douchebag is much like accepting death: fan, quote - General Music
  112. MB Essential Guide Poll: ***Lynyrd Skynyrd***: blues, dance, rock, genre - General Music
  113. The Ultimate Hipster Playlist / Good Albums that Suck Because You Exist: single, genre - General Music
  114. Any Chameleons fans here?: favorite songs, albums, tracks, bands, songs - General Music
  115. MB Essential Guide Poll: ***Metallica***: blues, pop, rock, cassette tape - General Music
  116. Worst Band Ever: Nickelback, bands - General Music
  117. 25 best songs of all time: pop, rock, favorite song, beatles - General Music
  118. Is working w/Timbaland a career killer?: pop, single, albums - General Music
  119. Favorite era of music: hip-hop, metal, punk, rock, favorite songs - General Music
  120. MB Essential Guide Poll: ***The Smiths***: lyrics, alternative, pop, rock - General Music
  121. 100 things i'm completely apathetic too about music/this forum: country, pop - General Music
  122. dose heavy metal cause acts of violence: genre, iPod, concerts - General Music
  123. 100 things that piss me off about music forums: goth, volume - General Music
  124. What was your first album?: soundtrack, music video, metal, vinyl - General Music
  125. 5 most completely absurd black metal costumes of all time: rock, reviews - General Music
  126. Why Do You Love Music?: African, quote, Lute, African drum - General Music
  127. The bonus tracks are better than the album!: house, cd - General Music
  128. Great songs ruined by one bad line: lyrics, pop, rock - General Music
  129. Looking for songs with no vocals....: lyrics, singer, album, karaoke - General Music
  130. Thoughts on the future of the Music Industry: Parts 1 & 2: soundtrack, bass - General Music
  131. 100 Albums I think you should hear: blues, hardcore, jazz, pop - General Music
  132. The sweet_nothing music charity thread: albums, pink floyd, Coldplay, Queen - General Music
  133. Musicians You'd Have A Beer With: rock, albums, song, youtube - General Music
  134. Music for 7-11 employees: quote, youtube - General Music
  135. Top 10 Beatles Tracks-Vote: favorite song, quote, artists, song, guitar - General Music
  136. My Top 4 Favorite Albums of Each Year: blues, jazz, pop - General Music
  137. Any interest in new Cure tracks?: rock, favorite band, vinyl, album - General Music
  138. Math and Music: metal, rock, d12, tune, bands - General Music
  139. sleepy jack 100: electronic, indie, metal, rap, rock - General Music
  140. Abuse Of Power Themed Music: lyrics, great songs, album, pink floyd - General Music
  141. #1 thing I hate: albums, 1993 - General Music
  142. Which artists and bands do you own the entire discography of?: bootlegs, punk - General Music
  143. Of Montreal: tickets, alternative, indie, cover, show - General Music
  144. In need of a playlist generator like the one in the PS3: electronic, metal - General Music
  145. ISO: DM live shows: depeche mode - General Music
  146. Yes- it's my list of favourite albums thread: electronic, alternative - General Music
  147. Play the BITZ game!: track - General Music
  148. Levi Stubbs dead at 77: artist, youtube, 2008 - General Music
  149. Why underground music is more enjoyable: hardcore, house, indie, metal - General Music
  150. Your Most Hated Song: country, house, rock, genre, fan - General Music
  151. The Most Releases By One Artist Competition: bootlegs, techno, cds - General Music
  152. Radiohead or Led Zeppelin: quote, bands - General Music
  153. Top 10 Old People Music Videos - General Music
  154. Halloween Music: soundtrack, house, metal, itunes, metallica - General Music
  155. What genre of music is this?: house, pop, rock, u2 - General Music
  156. Nice to see for a band so many here "hate":: albums, doors - General Music
  157. Holy F*&^n Sh*t!!! Could this be true?(Smiths fans will like this): tickets, The Smiths - General Music
  158. Melody Maker and the cliches of rock critics: 1987 - General Music
  159. The Best Supergroup Ever: electronic, pop, genre, members, quote - General Music
  160. How about some love for the Monkees: dance, instrumental, pop - General Music
  161. Wtf??? Nooooooooooooooooooooo:: rock, genre, quote, band, 2008 - General Music
  162. How Many Have you Got?: jazz, albums, doors, miles davis - General Music
  163. We all love legos, right?: album, beatles, album cover, quote - General Music
  164. Flawed masterpieces: albums, neil young, springsteen, Nirvana, sex pistols - General Music
  165. Merl Saunders 1934-2008: singer, blues, jazz, genre, albums - General Music
  166. Songs that are fun to dance around the house to: dancing, great song - General Music
  167. My top 50 songs: country, rock, beatles, doors, pink floyd - General Music
  168. George Hatcher Band: cd, albums, member, song, Ching - General Music
  169. why was my thread closed?: cd, albums, member, band - General Music
  170. Cant Remember a bands name and its pissing me off!: jazz, rock - General Music
  171. Question about music software.: alternative, bling, quote - General Music
  172. Stuck in my music search :(: genre, albums, myspace, quote - General Music
  173. OK! This has got to ****ing stop!!: lyrics, depeche mode, music video - General Music
  174. Damn irony!: lyrics, music video, rock, Queen, track - General Music
  175. Bob Seger: house, rock, ballad, albums, member - General Music
  176. ben kennedy ?: tickets, rock, albums, Incubus, myspace - General Music
  177. Bands you wouldn't recognize a few albums ago: soundtrack, dance - General Music
  178. Artists who go solo and have GREAT bands!: albums, quote - General Music
  179. The dumbest Itunes reviews ever posted: Lute - General Music
  180. Live Albums which are the artist's BEST release: funk, great songs - General Music
  181. song/playlist finder: member, artist, songs, - General Music
  182. Worst Album Names Ever: dancing, instrumental, cd, albums, springsteen - General Music
  183. What do you...: Radiohead, quote, songs - General Music
  184. People need to learn some patience: itunes, genre, member, tunes - General Music
  185. Help needed!!!: mp3, volume, artist - General Music
  186. Epic Songs.: funk, metal, doors, pink floyd, Coldplay - General Music
  187. 2008-Best of the year: rock, albums, quote, nominations, Erhu - General Music
  188. Use by date on bands?: metal, albums, metallica, The Smiths - General Music
  189. Who is The Kieran Ridge Band - General Music
  190. so can you help here?: dancing, dance, goth, myspace - General Music
  191. Sister's Wedding Song: singer, quote, songs, Johnson - General Music
  192. Pure Volume...: artists - General Music
  193. Slacker/Pandora Radio: quote, songs, - General Music
  194. Favorite and Least Favorite Album Art: funk, albums, tunes, cover - General Music
  195. What genere is this?: soundtrack, electronic, ambient, blues, instrumental - General Music
  196. What album are you rediscovering?: funk, cd, single, albums - General Music
  197. Waving Arms Over head??????: Paul McCartney, concert, quote, songs, Ching - General Music
  198. Songs that tell Great Stories: album, springsteen, Ludacris, quote - General Music
  199. Tdoc210's 100 bands that I enjoy: lyrics, singer, metal, albums - General Music
  200. Starting a music project: genre, band, guitar, Acoustic guitar, Piano - General Music
  201. I'm new here...Just want some input.: solo, quote, talented - General Music
  202. gateway Daniel Johnston: albums, cover, songs - General Music
  203. Ordering import CDs... please help: lyrics, cd, albums, Europe - General Music
  204. MusicBanters Top 10 Beatles Tracks: album, reviews, quote, song, 1969 - General Music
  205. Gangster Rap: lyric, hardcore, punk, rap, genre - General Music
  206. Most Popular Pop Princess? - General Music
  207. good vinyls to buy??: psychedelic, albums, beatles, doors, Jean Michel Jarre - General Music
  208. Time Lapse Music Player: mp3 player, Westlife, effect, iPod, track - General Music
  209. Top 10 sexiest women in music industry: Gwen Stefani - General Music
  210. Favourite post-punk frontman?: pop, genre, mc, The Cure, The Smiths - General Music
  211. Now Playing...Sorta: hardcore, punk - General Music
  212. Instrumental Music: rock, albums, beastie boys, irish, covers - General Music
  213. Epic Quest.: alternative, hip-hop, instrumental, pop, punk - General Music
  214. Please kill yourself Kanye?: blues, hip-hop, rapper, solo - General Music
  215. »BOMBASTIC!EXPLOSIVE!=BEST Album of 2008!!!: rock, albums, Queen, quote - General Music
  216. What's your idea of a diverse music taste?: genre, quote - General Music
  217. Best year in music: albums, solo, quote, 1994 - General Music
  218. Music Festivals! - General Music
  219. The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time: pop, Christina Aguilera, covers, quote - General Music
  220. Musical Q&A: blues, jazz, rock, genre, beatles - General Music
  221. Offensive Songs: lyrics, ticket, country, dance, Religious - General Music
  222. LOL! Gotta check this out...hysterical!!: mic, quote, youtube - General Music
  223. <insert favorite music video here>: title, quote, youtube - General Music
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  225. Need new workout music: iPod, quote, bands, songs - General Music
  226. iTunes Problem: albums, quote, artist, songs, Computer - General Music
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  230. Coldplay is breaking up next year :[: dance, album, solo, concert - General Music
  231. Help me out. I need your opinion.: techno, electronic, genre - General Music
  232. What's the unintentionally funny music video you've seen?: dancing, title - General Music
  233. Roxy Music: album, members - General Music
  234. Worst Music Media Publication: indie, rock, album, magazine, reviews - General Music
  235. Should I produce for this duo?: lyrics, techno, pop, rock - General Music
  236. robert randolph and the family band - General Music
  237. Memories: lyrics, albums, iPod, quote, artists - General Music
  238. What the Hell? - Last FM Charts: tracks, - General Music
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  240. Musician Survey: electronic, alternative, dance, bass, funk - General Music
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  243. I didn't know where to put this, but I need music help.: country, hardcore - General Music
  244. Before you make your 2008 list: blues, albums, beatles, Ringo Star - General Music
  245. Metallica fans are stupid: bass, albums, quote, talented, band - General Music
  246. Made-Up Albums that Changed the World: lyrics, country, punk, vinyl - General Music
  247. Last FM Library: lyrics, dancing, funk, rock, favorite song - General Music
  248. Anyone share hatred for genres?: country, dance, funk, jazz - General Music
  249. Most Treasured C.D/ L.P etc.: soundtrack, bootleg, blues - General Music
  250. Morte Triste Marzo: electronic - General Music