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  87. Thoughts?*: members, myspace, quote - General Music
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  91. If you could have written one riff, which one would it be?: blues, rock - General Music
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  104. What is the size of your physical and digital music collection? - General Music
  105. What's better/do you prefer. Rock, or PRE-Rock?: blues, jazz - General Music
  106. Top 3 songs of the moment?: country, dance, funk, house - General Music
  107. Kurt Cobain's Ashes Stolen: Courtney Love, Nirvana, quote - General Music
  108. Best indie covers of all time: metal, metallica, Kiss, quote - General Music
  109. Bo Diddley: funk, single, albums, fan, rolling stones - General Music
  110. Tell why you like your favorite genre...: lyrics, alternative, drum - General Music
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  113. Title: cd, albums, member, copyright, covers - General Music
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  115. Rockness: myspace - General Music
  116. n00bie here but looking for mu recommendations.: title, myspace - General Music
  117. Best Artist: Round 3: Poll A: hendrix, The Cure, quote - General Music
  118. Best Artist: Round 3: Poll B: beatles, Nirvana - General Music
  119. Top 100 Guitarist songs: singer, blues, funk, metal, pop - General Music
  120. Song revivals: lyric, rock, jimi hendrix, covers, quote - General Music
  121. Song you wish were re-made.!?: funk, rolling stones, white stripes, Radiohead - General Music
  122. Best Riff in Music!: bass, ballad, rolling stones, doors, title - General Music
  123. Tiesto is the Best: electronic, cd - General Music
  124. Brain Sync (Read this if you like to meditate or sleep.): Piano - General Music
  125. Top 100 Best Kazoo Songs: blues, punk, rock, album, pink floyd - General Music
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  128. Ongoing History of New Music.: punk, rock, genre, pearl jam - General Music
  129. Favorite music growing up?: soundtrack, singer, house, jazz, rap - General Music
  130. Albums that are fun to listen to: pop, punk, rock - General Music
  131. Birth Year Album Chain: albums, pearl jam, Radiohead, sex pistols, quote - General Music
  132. Favorite Side Projects: electronic, ambient, blues, bass, indie - General Music
  133. Unintended consequences of Sampling Music: rap, rock, member, tune - General Music
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  135. The Best/Most Frustrating Argument You've Had On MusicBanter: dance, bass - General Music
  136. C'mon bruvs, let's bloody well do 1965-1969!: blues, funk, jazz - General Music
  137. HEY NOOBS! Want a band or song recommendation? Don't start a new thread-POST HERE! - General Music
  138. L*******l named England's most musical city: indie, punk, beatles - General Music
  139. How do you choose your "top 10"?: single, albums - General Music
  140. Joy beyond words: tickets, rock, albums, fan, Radiohead - General Music
  141. The Beatles, U2, and Radiohead: the three worst bands in history: lyrics, lead singer - General Music
  142. The Passion In Music Discussion: lyric, singer, house, indie - General Music
  143. Favourite Tribute/Cover albums.: trance, cassette, sinatra, Queen, The Smiths - General Music
  144. Cheap Music: pop, cds, vinyl, itunes, mp3 - General Music
  145. Music versus Film: Superior Art Form?: lyric, singer, alternative, country - General Music
  146. Cover Stories: alternative, country, bass, house, pop - General Music
  147. Derek Trucks or Warren Haynes?: jazz, guitarist, quote, guitar - General Music
  148. Organising Collection on PC: itunes, genre, albums, discography, member - General Music
  149. To get a chance: solo, show, quote, talent, band - General Music
  150. Concert Term Question: rolling stones, bands - General Music
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  152. Musical Theater/Broadway: rap - General Music
  153. Your age and the song that REALLY hooked you onto music?: lyrics, cd - General Music
  154. MBV gig: Kiss, track, quote, Horn - General Music
  155. The Definitve List: Most Overrated Bands\Artists ever: rap, albums - General Music
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  163. Kate Bush: lyrics, jazz, pop, rock, single - General Music
  164. Favorite artist/band of each decade?: funk, metal, beatles, white stripes - General Music
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  166. You know a good Site to upload and stream music?: tracks, songs - General Music
  167. Guest Reviews: my Van Morrison thread: albums, discography, 1974, hands - General Music
  168. Which country (within the Anglosphere) makes the best music?: house, jazz - General Music
  169. Buddy Wakefield: genre, album, tracks, songs, youtube - General Music
  170. Top Ten Bald Musicians: Moby, track, artist, Organ - General Music
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  176. Awesome beat songs for your cars/parties/dance/bass speakers! +-+-+-+-: blues, bass - General Music
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  178. 50 Bands, 50 States: 2008 - General Music
  179. Does Christian music offend you?: lyrics, rock, genre, albums - General Music
  180. Best of 2008 so far: dance, house, albums, madonna, Atmosphere - General Music
  181. VH1 Rock Honors Concert -July 17-: blues, fan, pearl jam, Incubus - General Music
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  183. The Official Harvey Milk Thread: band - General Music
  184. David Lee Roth Chicken: track, youtube - General Music
  185. Which is better? Last FM or Jango...and why?: bling, songs - General Music
  186. Musicbanter Compilation 2008: member, track, quote, songs, soulseek - General Music
  187. Rate MB Top 25 Artists Lists: bootleg, blues, funk, house - General Music
  188. Any Goth music fans here?: rock, favorite bands, fan, Behemoth - General Music
  189. Pitchfork: lyric, soundtrack - General Music
  190. Is Pearl Jam considered HARDCORE?: talents, Ching - General Music
  191. Favorite album by year: dance, single, albums, beatles, track - General Music
  192. Most inaccessible albums/artists ever: dance, hardcore, house, metal - General Music
  193. Style over substance?: metal, great songs, The Cure, covers, shows - General Music
  194. Emily Bear: Soon To Be Legend: songs, youtube - General Music
  195. Most Important Music Cultral Movement EVER: metal, pop, punk, rap - General Music
  196. Can you recommend small instruments for camping: drum, rock, quote - General Music
  197. Whos Better?: lyric, album, offspring, show, bands - General Music
  198. Overblown (but great) albums: lyrics, drum, metal, pop, rock - General Music
  199. Best song from London Calling...: lyric, jazz, punk, favorite songs - General Music
  200. Is racism REALLY that relevant in music?: blues, dance, hardcore - General Music
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  206. Rehdogg: hopeless wannabe or musical genious? You tell me.: youtube - General Music
  207. Favorite Bass Guitar Players: The Police, guitarist - General Music
  208. Let's Talk Vinyl: tickets, metal, pop, rock, cds - General Music
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  211. North Carolina is pretty much way cooler than wherever you live: lead singer, instrumental - General Music
  212. n00b requests your present preferred musical orientation: soundtrack, cd - General Music
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  215. Yahoo music columnist ranks his(and ours?) top 20 albums of all time:: Europe, AC/DC - General Music
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  219. Connie Talbot: youtube - General Music
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  221. Piracy question - General Music
  222. Where can I go to sell a framed multi-platinum record? - General Music
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  235. Anyone else notice how completely retarded and biased Metacritic is?: electronic, indie - General Music
  236. Dave Matthews Band: alternative, indie - General Music
  237. Hey look, I can be trendy and have a tops thread: The Unfan's top 100 albums of 2007: electronic, pop - General Music
  238. Random stuff you found on Limewire/torrent sites that turned out not to be half-bad.: lyrics, bootlegs - General Music
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  240. need help cassie!!!!: youtube - General Music
  241. "Genres": dance, indie, jazz, metal, punk - General Music
  242. Radiohead VS Led Zepplin Comparable or even worth comparing?: quote - General Music
  243. I Hate The Beatles Hype.: pop, rolling stones, u2, Radiohead - General Music
  244. Emo needs to have someone drop trau and leave a duke on it's Mom's chest: rock, genre - General Music
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  247. Nice Music Videos - General Music
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  249. Melody?: blues, instrumental, metal, pop, punk - General Music
  250. I recorded a demo: members, speakers, covers, quote, saxophone - General Music