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  92. Irish Rock: punk - General Music
  93. Fall Out Boy vs.Foo Fighters: hardcore, punk, rock, album - General Music
  94. Songs of Our Life: Queen, Incubus, Europe, Kayne West, quote - General Music
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  97. Worst Band Ever: Round 1: Poll E: favorite band, Nickelback, Gwen Stefani, shows - General Music
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  99. The Cavern Club - Liverpool, England: beatles, member, cover, performer - General Music
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  104. Ripping Vinyl to MP3 - General Music
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  107. The Music Bitch Box: singer, album, fan, goth, cover - General Music
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  109. I just found an awesome site - General Music
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  112. Worst Band Ever: Round 1: Poll G: music video, favorite band, Genesis, 2007 - General Music
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  116. new songs: quote - General Music
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  119. Rogue Traders: album - General Music
  120. Should have Been Bigger: funk, house, indie, jazz, metal - General Music
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  129. Worst Band Ever: Round 1: Poll J: favorite band, Linkin Park, Slipknot - General Music
  130. Favourite song lyric?: sing a song, house, Horn, Piano, Hang - General Music
  131. WANTED: For crimes against music: lyrics, beatles, covers, youtube - General Music
  132. What Are You Listening To Now?: techno - General Music
  133. Show Some Love For The Lemonheads!: gospel, favorite songs, band, songs - General Music
  134. Rare/Hard-to-Find Music: cd, albums, tracks, quote, songs - General Music
  135. USB Turntables: vinyl, albums, reviews, cheap - General Music
  136. Seeking advice.....: electronic, alternative, dance, jazz, metal - General Music
  137. Other members and their music tastes: funk, reggae, rock, genre - General Music
  138. Moby Mondays: soundtrack, track - General Music
  139. Music that is like...: alternative, metal, rock, genre, quote - General Music
  140. D.b.a: solo, artist - General Music
  141. Top 3 All Female Singers Group: Spice Girls, member, quote, band - General Music
  142. General 2008 Discussion: blues, house, rock, debut album, albums - General Music
  143. Song Portrays Theme: title, tracks, band, songs, youtube - General Music
  144. Who played at the last show you went to?: rock, Atmosphere - General Music
  145. Worst Band Ever: Round 1: Poll K: country, favorite band, u2, quote - General Music
  146. Worst Band Ever: Round 1: Poll L: rock, favorite band, albums, Nirvana - General Music
  147. Your Music "Range": electronic, country, funk, house - General Music
  148. Most accurately rated artist: single, album, classic, quote, bands - General Music
  149. King City: myspace, tracks, shows, quote, band - General Music
  150. De de dee's or Man they're high....: Nirvana, AC/DC, song - General Music
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  152. Albums You're Digging II - General Music
  153. Your favorite American Idol Winner: pop, quote, song, 2004 - General Music
  154. 50 Albums That Changed Music (or not): pop, punk, reggae, rock - General Music
  155. Random video music: lyrics, African, title, artist, youtube - General Music
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  158. Sing Back Songs - General Music
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  162. Hi: instrumental, songs - General Music
  163. song for intro and exit to episode: beatles, iggy pop, quote - General Music
  164. Which is the best place for music download?: mp3, quote - General Music
  165. Where's the FUNK ?: electronic, jazz, punk, rock - General Music
  166. Elation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: tickets, genre, album, title, Grammy - General Music
  167. Why musicians are so Misogynist ???: quote, band - General Music
  168. What Bootleg Are You Currently Listening To: bootlegs, hardcore, rock - General Music
  169. Chicago--1986-1990 were you in line at all ages night? - General Music
  170. The most aristic/varied fight mix you can think of: songs, youtube - General Music
  171. Does this sound emo?: hardcore, rock, title, quote, band - General Music
  172. Jimmy Ruffin Halfway to Paradise: tunes - General Music
  173. By the way, which one's Pink?-Pink Floyd reviewed: lyrics, soundtrack - General Music
  174. Coil: albums, band, songs - General Music
  175. Doing a project on Avant Garde music- anyone here knowledgeable about it?: techno, electronic - General Music
  176. Worst Artist Ever: Round 2: Poll A 'Battle of the Vaginas': lyric, dance - General Music
  177. The Demise of the music Industry: rock, albums, Atmosphere, rapper - General Music
  178. Help! I can't find anything on this band: cd - General Music
  179. Local Scene: shows, bands - General Music
  180. Worst Artist Ever: Round 2: Poll B: favorite band, 50 cent, member, band - General Music
  181. Worst Artist Ever: Round 2: Poll C: favorite band, band, Horn - General Music
  182. Music charts: favorite band, album, artist, band - General Music
  183. John Petrucci Appreciation: albums, Nirvana, Kiss, vocalist, guitarist - General Music
  184. Shows on new years: blues, house, rock, Moby, American - General Music
  185. A Video Of An Interesting Band, But..: country, rock, fan - General Music
  186. Nick Drake Marathon: lyric, singer, jazz, rock, trance - General Music
  187. RezZ's Guitar Compilation Album Part 1/3: funk, house, jimi hendrix, guitarist - General Music
  188. #1 Song in 2007: house, rock, genre, album, Radiohead - General Music
  189. Music for Fireworks Display: instrumental, Europe, quote, song, guitar - General Music
  190. London ticket shop: tickets, concert, Bombarde - General Music
  191. WANTED: for pleasures for music: lyrics, bass, favorite songs, beatles - General Music
  192. Worst Artist Ever: Round 2: Poll D: lyrics, dancing, blues, metal - General Music
  193. Worst Artist Ever: Round 2: Poll E: lyrics, rock, favorite band, Nickelback - General Music
  194. Top 100 Albums of the 80s: dance, metal, rock, beastie boys - General Music
  195. I need a bit of help: blues, hip-hop, jazz, rock - General Music
  196. Recommend current rock bands: metal, pop, genre, pink floyd, classic - General Music
  197. 2007 Year End Lists: country, house, rock, genre, album - General Music
  198. Most OVERRATED albums of 2007: rap, single, American, rapper, member - General Music
  199. Wern't Black Sabbath Sh*t: singer, house, indie, pop - General Music
  200. Anyone Know of Anyone Good "Down-Tempo" Bands?: ambient, rock - General Music
  201. The Music Translator man (you have to listen to this): covers, songs - General Music
  202. I don't even know the genre of this music! HELP!: soundtrack, music cd - General Music
  203. Muscles - Guns, Babes and Lemonade - General Music
  204. Worst Artist Ever: Round 3: Poll A: singer, u2, bon jovi, Nickelback - General Music
  205. Worst Artist Ever: Round 3: Poll B: quote, band - General Music
  206. Please Help: metal, pop, punk, favorite songs, Linkin Park - General Music
  207. Which Song is Better?: lyrics, Emily Haines, The Cure, member, track - General Music
  208. Most Underrated & Most Deserving Of What They Got 2007 Albums: metal, pop - General Music
  209. Who and What: rock, show, artist - General Music
  210. 2007 Most Sounding Artist's Name - General Music
  211. Toubab Krewe: rock, African - General Music
  212. Songs & attachments: track, quote, memories - General Music
  213. Psychology Project for Final: blues, beatles, pink floyd, jimi hendrix, The Police - General Music
  214. Album of the Day: lyrics, singer, pop, punk, rock - General Music
  215. Justin Timberlake: dancing, pop, rock, favorite song, album - General Music
  216. I have a unique question...: u2, Blink 182, songs - General Music
  217. Do you remember the first time?: soundtrack, rock, albums, Linkin Park - General Music
  218. Does anyone here use Russian sites to download music?: instrumental, cover - General Music
  219. Joyful music: blues, dance, funk, metal, rock - General Music
  220. Which "umbrella" song version do you like better?: lyrics, songs - General Music
  221. MTV or TRACE: African, quote - General Music
  222. Worst Artist Ever: Round 3: Poll C: lead singer, u2, artists, bands - General Music
  223. The Boots Room: bootlegs, drum, punk, rock, albums - General Music
  224. U.S. Compilation albums: American, classic, quote, 90's, songs - General Music
  225. Danny Couch-The Voice of These Islands-Compelling & Soul Touching: ballad, bling - General Music
  226. Rock & Hip Hop Hybrid: soundtrack, electronic, bass, funk - General Music
  227. Good alternative/rock bands with male and female singers: songs - General Music
  228. Someone pin me down on the floor before I explode: singer, electronic - General Music
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  232. Website I'm addicted to: track, quote, songs, - General Music
  233. A musical notation riddle: title - General Music
  234. Huge Demand For Robbie Williams Albums In China: singer, cds - General Music
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  236. Modern Talking: Tool, band, youtube, Hang - General Music
  237. Need some help...: singer, funk, hip-hop, indie, rap - General Music
  238. I can't "Genre-nize" the type of music I'm looking for: blues, title - General Music
  239. What genre is in control right now???: country, hip-hop, metal - General Music
  240. Searching for type of song - Help Plz?: track - General Music
  241. Next Polls: Re-do Best Artists or Best Album: member, title - General Music
  242. Since there's no ukelele forum: beatles, George Harrison, cover, concert - General Music
  243. The Very First Song You Fell In Love With: house, single - General Music
  244. Primal Rock n Roll: blues, metal, white stripes, AC/DC, Polish - General Music
  245. Need help finding some songs about... - General Music
  246. Anyothers?: electronic, trance, album, screamo, myspace - General Music
  247. 50 Greatest Bands: singer, indie, metal, rock, great song - General Music
  248. Ethan's Album of the Day: lyrics, dance, indie, pop - General Music
  249. Top 10 Most Important Albums To You: lyrics, soundtrack, singer, ticket - General Music
  250. Feist and Portishead: Radiohead, concert - General Music