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  82. Paramore - General Music
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  121. asian singer - General Music
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  133. Lyrics, class, and what the language used in the songs we listen to tells about us.: genre, fan - General Music
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  137. music's rotten tit: lyrics, dancing, genre, album, myspace - General Music
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  147. Artists or Entertainers?: jazz, metal, pop, rock, favorite bands - General Music
  148. Live Internet Radio Broadcasting: offspring, Judas Priest, Kiss, microphone, shows - General Music
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  151. Does music have the capacity to change the world?: soundtrack, pop - General Music
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  181. free tv: album, tunes, song - General Music
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  188. DJs Where You At?: cd, vinyl, single, goth, member - General Music
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  190. Bonnaroo 2009: tickets, country, indie, itunes, beastie boys - General Music
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  194. Aight peeps...: income - General Music
  195. Big McLargeHuge 100: dance, bass, funk, hip-hop, indie - General Music
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  197. Should file sharing be illegal: country, pop, great songs, cds - General Music
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  200. any ravers here?: dancing - General Music
  201. top ten WORST bands of all time?: favorite band, Korn - General Music
  202. worst band: Korn, quote - General Music
  203. If You Could Change One Aspect Of Your Favourite Band: soundtrack, metal - General Music
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  238. help!! - General Music
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  245. I need help finding download, seriously. - General Music
  246. Do you think: metal, rock, genre - General Music
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  249. Cheesiest music event you've gone to and actually had fun!: reggae, fan - General Music
  250. Liverpool Legends: great song, beatles, Ringo, American, members - General Music