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  3. peeping tom: singer, cd - General Music
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  7. I hate when singers think they own the band.: lead singer, dancing - General Music
  8. songs which made you feel happy/sad today: metal, metallica - General Music
  9. Dream Concert: singer, blues, dance, jazz, rock - General Music
  10. R.I.P. Syd Barrett: metal, rock, pink floyd, solo - General Music
  11. i've had the time of my life bass tab: dancing, punk - General Music
  12. the eraser: solo - General Music
  13. The History Thread: soundtrack, singer, ambient, blues, country - General Music
  14. Your top 10 albums.: depeche mode, blues, house, metal, beatles - General Music
  15. naked eyes: quote, bands, songs - General Music
  16. Daddy Fantastic: lead singer, myspace, shows, quote, band - General Music
  17. My new find for the day: single, myspace, artist, youtube - General Music
  18. Weezer R.I.P.: cds, albums, title, copyright, career - General Music
  19. Keith Emerson Vs. Rick Wakemen: rock, album, solo, talented - General Music
  20. The anything: lyrics, indie, psychedelic, punk, rock - General Music
  21. Songs to blaze in a cops face.: rock, favorite songs, great songs - General Music
  22. Need some help :): lyrics, Nickelback, members, title, band - General Music
  23. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: blues, Genesis, members - General Music
  24. Music in the World Today: house, quote, bands, song - General Music
  25. Albums thing.: punk, bling, quote - General Music
  26. who do you think is the best band of all time?: beatles, songs - General Music
  27. Brit-Pop Official Thread: lyrics, sing the song, singer, rock, fan - General Music
  28. jammin mon: house, talent, bands - General Music
  29. List The Following In Order Of Preference: lyrics, listening to music, indie - General Music
  30. Nellie McKay: The Genius Don't Nobody Care About - General Music
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  32. Not that its that shocking or anything...: fan, quote, band - General Music
  33. 4 michael buble fans only: singer - General Music
  34. 4 Lifehouse fans only: quote, song - General Music
  35. Tdoc's and Moley's even better Hall of fame.: singer, house - General Music
  36. Favourite Lyrics To Do With Drugs.: album, Tool, Kiss, effect - General Music
  37. not trying to be funny: fan, magazine, quote - General Music
  38. The Good The Bad & The Queen: single, album, fan - General Music
  39. A good video with indie music: artist, bands, songs - General Music
  40. Free,Legal Downloadable Albums: listening to music, quote - General Music
  41. Like 80's Music???: house, rock, albums, pink floyd, Kiss - General Music
  42. Lyrics Game: iPod, cover, songs - General Music
  43. Hardcore Dancing/Moshing: dance, concert, shows, band, Ching - General Music
  44. don henley: soundtrack, track, song, Computer - General Music
  45. Video On Trail: music video, member, show, quote, youtube - General Music
  46. best regards - General Music
  47. Longest & Shortest Songs On Your MP3 Player: The Cure, band - General Music
  48. Asian Rock Fusion: albums, beatles, bands - General Music
  49. The Most Pretentious Album Reveiw In The World .... EVER: Radiohead, Tool - General Music
  50. Urbans Classic Albums No 4 David Bowie - Aladdin Sane: jazz, rock - General Music
  51. Arthur Lee R.I.P.: singer, psychedelic, rock, albums - General Music
  52. Best Show Ever: fan, Atmosphere, The Ramones, Spice Girls, concerts - General Music
  53. Ol' Brown Ears is Back - Rowlf (the Muppet): genre, albums - General Music
  54. VMA awards: metal, rock, album, pearl jam, quote - General Music
  55. hey, hey, hey we're the Monkeys: singer, genre, S Club 7, shows - General Music
  56. Album related market research!!: cd, albums, review, tracks, quote - General Music
  57. A Britpop Education : The Album: country, dance, indie, pop - General Music
  58. best song of the year: house, Nelly Furtado, volume, quote - General Music
  59. Listen Without Prejudice: genre, album, quote, band, song - General Music
  60. Frank Turnerreportish?: lyrics, singer, dancing, hardcore, punk - General Music
  61. Greatest Hits Albums: Yay or Nay?: rock, favorite song, single, Queen - General Music
  62. What they should be playing on MTV and Vh1?: music video, metal - General Music
  63. Southern rock fans?: country, Usher, volume, widow, quote - General Music
  64. Music Photography: punk, rock, albums, magazine, reviews - General Music
  65. Go on then... Help me out...: band - General Music
  66. Mainstream Vs. Underground: singer, indie, rap, rock, rapper - General Music
  67. what are some good: soulseek - General Music
  68. Anybody going to Vegoose?: member - General Music
  69. The Best Rocker - General Music
  70. Is This A Joke?: dance, tunes, track, show, quote - General Music
  71. Luxurious problem!: Muse - General Music
  72. //[[--++The Official Survivor thread++--]]\\: band - General Music
  73. Official Dead or Alive thread(80's music): quote, band - General Music
  74. If you have Iriver U10: bling, youtube, Computer - General Music
  75. Director: single, album, irish, quote, band - General Music
  76. Geoff Rickly: lyrics, lead singer, hardcore, house, albums - General Music
  77. i heart Ben Harper: cover, quote - General Music
  78. if you were given a chance to dj...: listening to music, dance - General Music
  79. do you think Old Songs are Immortal or Not?: metal, metallica - General Music
  80. Best albums of 2006 thus far: house, Bell, hands - General Music
  81. Rank the bands you've seen live: dancing, metal, punk, doors - General Music
  82. Funny Song Titles: techno, pink floyd, pearl jam, Berlin - General Music
  83. Myoo-zick Reck-oh-mend-ay-shonz - General Music
  84. Kasabian Empire Album: singer, rock, debut album, single, album - General Music
  85. Helmet and Franz Vonlichten: vocalist, quote, band - General Music
  86. YOUR type of Rockstar: genre, Radiohead, shows, band, Lute - General Music
  87. Right, I wanna....: members, band, songs, guitar - General Music
  88. music requests: titles, classic, song, Hang - General Music
  89. Most Moving Songs: metal, rock, genre, pink floyd, metallica - General Music
  90. I make alot of threads when its late and I cant sleep.: lyrics, dance - General Music
  91. Laurie Anderson: electronic, albums, review, performance, songs - General Music
  92. Favourite Anthony Green band.: album, member, quote, bands - General Music
  93. New Genre for me...wanting some advice: lyric, rock, Coldplay - General Music
  94. Opinions: instrumental, metal, album, Polish, magazine - General Music
  95. essential: albums, classic, history - General Music
  96. what song relates to this: house, title - General Music
  97. Banjo oriented music. - General Music
  98. Pulp: band - General Music
  99. The Dan Band: classic, song - General Music
  100. what have you chucked out recently...: house, metal, cds, cassette - General Music
  101. Vegas Music Fest!: the roots, jurassic 5, quote, band, Inci - General Music
  102. music that gets you going: metal, solo, songs - General Music
  103. Battle of the bands???: members, song, guitar, Organ - General Music
  104. Help making a CD: lyrics, country, hardcore, cd, genre - General Music
  105. Who influenced your music taste?: alternative, blues, country, hardcore - General Music
  106. Sharing Email List Upload Thing: itunes, wma, genre, albums - General Music
  107. Does any1 use limewire: cd, single, albums, fan, review - General Music
  108. Best Fm Radio Sation In Brisbane: metal, punk, rock - General Music
  109. whats on MTV?: music video, rock, shows, quote, bands - General Music
  110. The Real Music Award Show - General Music
  111. TRMAS: Best newcomer: albums, quote, artists, nominations, 2006 - General Music
  112. Dallas Green/The Fray: lyric, hardcore, album, Coldplay, talent - General Music
  113. More advice please: lyric, hardcore, album, Coldplay, talent - General Music
  114. does anyone have album info. for "you've got music": cd, genre - General Music
  115. Pete Townshend Live!!!: blues, house, show, 2006 - General Music
  116. Woodies: artists, nominations, bands - General Music
  117. Neverending White Lights: ambient, albums, tracks, quote, songs - General Music
  118. Question: tickets, alternative, house, cd, vinyl - General Music
  119. Trading: cds - General Music
  120. Genre Comps.: electronic, drum, metal, rock, screamo - General Music
  121. lookin for: lead singer, Nickelback, AC/DC, effect, title - General Music
  122. looking for Thalia's song: album, 1995 - General Music
  123. Artist That You Would Most Like To Hit In The Face With A Sock Full Of Rusty Quarters: indie, rock - General Music
  124. Music Wallpapers: show - General Music
  125. cultures..: hardcore, metal, punk, rock, genre - General Music
  126. Answer me this:: Kurt Cobain, quote, artists, suicide - General Music
  127. Donovan: lyrics, singer, song - General Music
  128. Bands turning into U2: pop, rock, single, album, rolling stones - General Music
  129. Dual Vocals: Linkin Park, bands - General Music
  130. Battle of the bands.: house, Nirvana, Scissor Sisters, Savage Garden, track - General Music
  131. what do you think of this?: myspace, band - General Music
  132. Why...: song lyrics, electronic, cd, copyrighted, quote - General Music
  133. Unpopular Music Opinions: lyrics, indie, jazz, metal, punk - General Music
  134. Midwest City: talent, band, song - General Music
  135. I don't know what genre....: classic, bands - General Music
  136. Song Of The Month: September: lyrics, member, title, quote - General Music
  137. Recommend Crowquill Depressing Music: dance, metal, The Cure, tracks, band - General Music
  138. FAKE music section!!!: members, quote, bands - General Music
  139. Who You Mew: cd, quote - General Music
  140. Music to fall asleep to?: ambient, album, doors, pink floyd - General Music
  141. Bands With Your Favorite Album Art: albums, beatles, miles davis, pink floyd - General Music
  142. I enjoyed this muchly...: covers, youtube - General Music
  143. James Taylor DVD: rock, classic - General Music
  144. Songs wot strippers dance to.: lyrics, dancing, tickets, bass - General Music
  145. Where should you go to find the latest songs?: cover, myspace - General Music
  146. Ohmygod, HELP: blues, metal, single, albums, pink floyd - General Music
  147. 10 Greatest Cover Songs: lead singer, blues, country, bass, pop - General Music
  148. Interview with Billy Conway of Morphine: lead singer, blues, bass, funk - General Music
  149. Lets All Laugh At The Q Awards: dancing, dance, rock - General Music
  150. My Project: A live compilation: soundtrack, metal, metallica, tracks - General Music
  151. The Streets: rap, albums, quote, artist, songs - General Music
  152. Give me music.: soundtrack, metal, punk, title, track - General Music
  153. BBC Electric Proms: tickets, rock, classic, bands - General Music
  154. Pretty sweet album upload/download site: albums, track, quote - General Music
  155. MusicBanter Compilation 2006: members, tracks, songs, Hang - General Music
  156. The List.: albums, doors, pink floyd, Linkin Park, Fugazi - General Music
  157. Best of the '70's: Queen - General Music
  158. ID3 Tags: albums, iPod, track, quote, artist - General Music
  159. Late Night Back At Urbans: house, mp3 player, genre, albums - General Music
  160. Best Christmas Songs of all time: pogues, The Pogues, band, Hang - General Music
  161. Top 10 of All Time: lyrics, soundtrack, singer, hardcore, jazz - General Music
  162. The difference between rock and country music.: dancing, dance, genre - General Music
  163. do you think that adding videos to good song actualy makes the song worst?: music video, pearl jam - General Music
  164. attn: MBers who have false advertisings stuff: jazz - General Music
  165. People who listen to music in your life.: listening to music, electronic - General Music
  166. Explain fidelity to me: lyrics, American, quote, song - General Music
  167. I am trying to figure this out: indie, u2, The Police - General Music
  168. Favorite Local Bands: dance, funk, rock, album, vocalist - General Music
  169. Rate Your Music: albums, reviews,, hands - General Music
  170. Shameful tunes!: u2, Paris Hilton, tracks, songs, youtube - General Music
  171. Vote For Ugo's Bet Act Of 06: hardcore, u2, artists, bands - General Music
  172. Level Plane?: myspace, track, quote, soulseek - General Music
  173. Boo Radley Bruises Badly: tunes, band - General Music
  174. Hangover Soundtrack: madonna, iPod, show, quote, songs - General Music
  175. music video that took me 4 months to make....: member, track - General Music
  176. Before I forget...: indie, bands - General Music
  177. Frock Lart: hip-hop, bling, title, reviews, songs - General Music
  178. Sexiest Male Singer?: rock, albums, quote - General Music
  179. Seeing a band live: tickets, techno, country, bass, metal - General Music
  180. sarah blasko: album, reviews, songs - General Music
  181. Poll, dummies.: quote, guitar, Piano - General Music
  182. False Advertising: favorite songs, covers, myspace, songs, suicide - General Music
  183. Post The Bottom 20 Artists On Your Last FM Overall List And Comment On Them: electronic, funk - General Music
  184. For F*cks Sake - General Music
  185. Something that pisses me off...: indie, metal, rock, genre - General Music
  186. industrial/post industrial: electronic, rock - General Music
  187. Best Album Of All Time (revealed): rock, beatles, pink floyd, Radiohead - General Music
  188. your favourite christmas song?: rock, songs, 2006, Bell - General Music
  189. Soul Brother #1 (R.I.P): soundtrack, blues, funk, hip-hop - General Music
  190. I've got soul, but this is Super Bad!: song lyrics, dance - General Music
  191. for those who like tom waits: performance, youtube - General Music
  192. Keller Williams: band - General Music
  193. Blues Traveler: lyrics, ambient, effects, myspace, bands - General Music
  194. What was number one.: dance, song, 1987, Horn, Hang - General Music
  195. Weirdest Songs?: lyrics, dance, Nirvana, Nickelback, track - General Music
  196. the canned heat appreciation thread.: blues, albums, cover, myspace - General Music
  197. Top 15 songs from 2006: country, rock, favorite songs, great songs, albums - General Music
  198. Greatest songs with stuttering: rap, great songs, member, quote, youtube - General Music
  199. omg. best stolen idea ever TOP 5: indie, metal, albums, vocalist - General Music
  200. Songs of Summer?: dancing, jazz, genre, title, DJ - General Music
  201. Songs you would get your dancing groove on to: dance, funk - General Music
  202. Four Albums You're Digging Right Now: funk, metal, rock, Backstreet Boys - General Music
  203. ATTN: MBers with limewire: jazz, album, song - General Music
  204. Australian Music is Awful.: country, punk, rock, u2, Nickelback - General Music
  205. Therapy? Diane.: singer, cover, band, songs, youtube - General Music
  206. Genre change.: electronic, hip-hop, indie, instrumental, jazz - General Music
  207. Weird Music videos.: title, youtube - General Music
  208. What You Hope To See In 2007: funk, indie, pop, rock - General Music
  209. How To Annoy A Bland Indie Band: track, quote, bands - General Music
  210. Latest trend of music industry: hardcore, hip-hop, indie, jazz - General Music
  211. Best band as voted by MB: blues, metal, beatles, white stripes - General Music
  212. songs with nice/interesting string arrangements: genre, album - General Music
  213. Unsigned Band Make It Into The UK Top 40 Singles Chart: singer, techno - General Music
  214. Can anybody help me: singer, dance, track, quote, 2006 - General Music
  215. Blackfeather: albums, 70's, band - General Music
  216. Kosmo Koslowski: ambient, dance, funk, jazz, Europe - General Music
  217. Instrumental Music: ambient, rock, genre, album, pink floyd - General Music
  218. 12 Best One Hit Wonders of the 80s: lyrics, soundtrack, lead singer - General Music
  219. Tenacious d: pick of destiny: album, classic - General Music
  220. Moley singing! Come see!: rock, track, quote, song, youtube - General Music
  221. Don't judge the music by its album cover: albums, Aphex Twin - General Music
  222. this is: dance, favorite songs, Savage Garden, quote, songs - General Music
  223. Songs that make you feel mushy...: Shakira, quote, Hang - General Music
  224. Best Band As Voted By MB II: blues, funk, rolling stones - General Music
  225. Records: house, rock, cds, vinyl, albums - General Music
  226. quick question: punk, Europe, performance, bands, song - General Music
  227. best program to buy songs: itunes, tunes, iTunes, myspace - General Music
  228. Best Band: Round 1: Poll A: quote - General Music
  229. Best Band: Round 1: Poll B: quote, bands - General Music
  230. Damon Albarn vs Noel Gallagher: lead singer, Queen, member, quote - General Music
  231. Best Band: Round 1: Poll C: Hang - General Music
  232. Best Band: Round 1: Poll D: quote, songs - General Music
  233. The Polls input would be appreciated: bands - General Music
  234. Nominate 3 Bands For Poll Y/Z: blues, funk, jazz, metal - General Music
  235. The Loudness Wars: pop, cd, cd player, magazine, speakers - General Music
  236. Classic albums any true music fan should own or at least listen to: lyrics, soundtrack - General Music
  237. Best Band: Round 1: Poll E: beatles, white stripes - General Music
  238. Best Band: Round 1: Poll F: Hang - General Music
  239. The Official Captain Beefheart Thread: albums, tracks, quote, artists - General Music
  240. Best Band: Round 1: Poll G: doors, Judas Priest - General Music
  241. Best Band: Round 1: Poll H - General Music
  242. Battle of the local bands.: rock, Kiss, French, cover - General Music
  243. Best band on Earth: rock, white stripes, magazine, performers, bands - General Music
  244. Snake River Conspiracy: album, myspace - General Music
  245. Ideas for an album cover: band - General Music
  246. Record Nerd: cd, albums, members - General Music
  247. What Are Your Sources?: house, metal, pop, rap, rock - General Music
  248. Best Band: Round 1: Poll I: Bell - General Music
  249. Best Band: Round 1: Poll J: lyrics - General Music
  250. Best band: Round 1: Poll K: hendrix - General Music