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  1. Anyone See The RMAs??: house - General Music
  2. The Shakes: members, band - General Music
  3. Favorite Album Covers: metal, albums, Kiss, Russian, discography - General Music
  4. Best Rhythm Guitarist: pop, punk, genre, neil young, jimi hendrix - General Music
  5. yo son, which way of listenin to music make you most ganxta?: vinyl - General Music
  6. yo son, which way of listenin to music make you most ganxta?: Korn, French - General Music
  7. I Hate/Love Everyone else Hates/Loves: soundtrack, country, metal - General Music
  8. Best Albums of 05: soundtrack, ticket, funk, house, punk - General Music
  9. Acoustic: soundtrack, cd, beatles, rolling stones, white stripes - General Music
  10. End Of An EraR: cds, vinyl, mp3 player, album, member - General Music
  11. Not Just Another Band Name Thread: singer, Queen, quote, Hang - General Music
  12. Which is your favorite Lenny Kravitz album?: rock, favorite songs, albums - General Music
  13. Let's create a song!: lyrics, ticket, indie, punk, quote - General Music
  14. Covering Kills: metal, pop, punk, rock, pink floyd - General Music
  15. What is your favorite line in a song?: John Lennon, French - General Music
  16. 2005: The Up/Down: lyrics, ticket, indie, metal, pop - General Music
  17. Favourite songs Ever: lyrics, country, dance, metal, rock - General Music
  18. Rock N' Roll: lyrics, lead singer, dancing, blues, country - General Music
  19. What has the world come to?!: lyrics, electronic, blues, country - General Music
  20. The 2005 awards: music video, rock, Jessica Simpson, track, quote - General Music
  21. the shepherds are comin....: myspace, band - General Music
  22. that song that makes u wish u were dead!: Eminem, title - General Music
  23. Paul McCartney or John Lennon ??: lyrics, rock, great song, fan - General Music
  24. MPA banning tabs: favorite band, albums, fan, copyright, cover - General Music
  25. David Bowie favorites 2?: dance, album, rolling stones, title, quote - General Music
  26. Music Mixing: Tool, band - General Music
  27. What genre should 'The Shamen' be?: singer, dance, rap, fan - General Music
  28. michael buble: cd - General Music
  29. music mugs: bands - General Music
  30. Alanis Morisette appr.: lyrics, fan, quote, songs, 2004 - General Music
  31. The Saddest Songs Ever: Radiohead, quote, talent - General Music
  32. Urbans Classic Albums No 1 Radiohead - OK Computer: lyrics, electronic - General Music
  33. Lifes cruel then you die, then mtv exploits ya': rock, albums - General Music
  34. SENSOR - music band from Russia: electronic, mp3, debut album, album - General Music
  35. Share The Music!: punk, cds, Kiss, quote, songs - General Music
  36. This is the story of a girl: soundtrack, dance, Blink 182 - General Music
  37. Jason Mraz: cd, title, quote - General Music
  38. Jim Brickman's Indianapolis concert 12-30-2005: member, concerts, show, talented - General Music
  39. Richard Cheese: dance, Slipknot, covers, songs, guitar - General Music
  40. The James Blunt Disappreciation Thread: singer, cd, album, Westlife - General Music
  41. Anyone have damian rice?: cd, album, Cobain, quote, songs - General Music
  42. The Recommend Urban A Song Thread: funk, metal, punk, albums - General Music
  43. Help me name this song - General Music
  44. Themed CD Mixes…: dance, metal, itunes, album, rolling stones - General Music
  45. where do they fall????: electronic, alternative, funk, hardcore, hip-hop - General Music
  46. Music and driving: listening to music, dance, rock, cd, albums - General Music
  47. Urbans Classic Albums No 2 The Clash - Sandinistas: electronic, hip-hop - General Music
  48. Post an easy listening song: genre, Coldplay - General Music
  49. Im in search of the same 'genre' song: albums, artist - General Music
  50. Box of Frogs: genre - General Music
  51. Someone IM me this song.....: cheap - General Music
  52. Velvet Revolver, The Cult OHNOES!! more supergroups - General Music
  53. Your Favorite Band: Bob Marley, member, bands, Hang - General Music
  54. Remote Collaboration: Calling All Guitarists/Drummers/Etc.: lyrics, electronic, indie - General Music
  55. What is your favorite Dance Remake: rock, myspace - General Music
  56. The Pink Spiders: band - General Music
  57. Dead Can Dance: soundtrack, albums, discography, members, cover - General Music
  58. Kfc Is Where It's At: rock, Slipknot, guitarist, cover - General Music
  59. Acoustic #2: genre, Eminem, Coldplay, Beyonce, title - General Music
  60. take few seconds...........: Radiohead, French, solo - General Music
  61. tchkung - General Music
  62. Best and Worst lyricist: lyrics, single, John Lennon, quote, talent - General Music
  63. What song best fits my situation?: single, Linkin Park, Coldplay, Creed - General Music
  64. Remember that everyone has been young at one point.: lyrics, review - General Music
  65. Nelly McKay: lyrics, jazz, cd, album, track - General Music
  66. Kelly Clarkson stiffs "Idol": one-hit, American, career, shows - General Music
  67. Bands/artists you like but everyone else hates: singer, jazz - General Music
  68. just slightly pissed off: electronic, alternative, indie, members, myspace - General Music
  69. Political Message: lyrics, country, dance, punk, rap - General Music
  70. Best torrent site...?: bands - General Music
  71. Need HELP: title, band, song - General Music
  72. I'm Black, I'm Pro-Hip Hop, I'm Pro-Crunk, Pro-Gold Grillz, Pro-Drug Selling, but..: tickets, alternative - General Music
  73. The search is over! Day of my life!: dancing, African - General Music
  74. A tune i BET you havent heard! Its South African And Brilliant: classic, band - General Music
  75. Wilson Pickett dead at 64: career, solo, quote - General Music
  76. Need help w/ the title of a song.: lyrics, hip-hop - General Music
  77. If You Like ......, You'll Like.......: lyric, sex pistols, quote, band - General Music
  78. Perhaps the greatest song i have ever heard..: track, Didgeridoo - General Music
  79. Concerts = sex.: lead singer, rock, cds, rolling stones, shows - General Music
  80. Cliche: The start: song lyrics, genre, song - General Music
  81. bad experiences at concerts - General Music
  82. Ahhhhhhhh!: hardcore, albums, beastie boys, Muse, quote - General Music
  83. challange anyone??: rock, member, band, song - General Music
  84. Great Tenderhooks album review: lyrics, soundtrack, singer, blues, funk - General Music
  85. Learn about new bands...Today!: rap, Kiss, DMX, members - General Music
  86. Puppetry: house, shows, artists - General Music
  87. Best Transition from one song to another.: rock, pink floyd, Judas Priest - General Music
  88. Best Intro or Outro: ticket, bass, metal, white stripes, metallica - General Music
  89. Top Ten Albums Of All Time: metal, cd, cd player, beastie boys - General Music
  90. The Top Ten Songs: country, house, single, albums, Aphex Twin - General Music
  91. What Music Means To Me: lyrics, soundtrack, singer, dancing - General Music
  92. whats your favouirte colour jellybean: lyrics, metal, pop, rock - General Music
  93. for gods sake, turn that crap off: ticket, dance, doors - General Music
  94. Bands that no one knows: singer, title, quote, song - General Music
  95. Help Me Please! - General Music
  96. Give me songs, my beauties!: itunes, mp3, Eminem, tunes - General Music
  97. If you had...: psychedelic, pink floyd, Radiohead, Bob Marley, discography - General Music
  98. Best Guitar solo ever performed on stage: metal, punk, rock - General Music
  99. Favorite Songs To Dance To At The Club: dancing, indie - General Music
  100. Listen To Good Music!: hardcore, instrumental, jazz, metal, punk - General Music
  101. right boys and girls....: funk, Radiohead, quote, band, songs - General Music
  102. Art of Noise: member - General Music
  103. Matisyahu: reggae, cd, album, Bob Marley, myspace - General Music
  104. Deep Cuts: hardcore, metal, punk, favorite songs, great song - General Music
  105. Front-Women: genre, Blondie, band - General Music
  106. yo son, what the best double album?: albums, beatles, pink floyd - General Music
  107. Lisa Loeb's new show, #1 Single: fan, show - General Music
  108. MP3 DJAY "First Extasy" (jan.2006 mix): track - General Music
  109. How big a fan are you: band - General Music
  110. Urbans Classic Albums No 3 Pink Floyd - Animals: lyrics, soundtrack - General Music
  111. Need your musical expertise!!!: dancing, alternative, country, dance, metal - General Music
  112. New music site offering weekly giveaways: cd - General Music
  113. Out of Character Things You Have Been Listening To: dancing, blues - General Music
  114. The ladykillers Song: soundtrack, rap, titles, cover, track - General Music
  115. The B-List: singer, one-hit wonder, one-hit, albums, guitarist - General Music
  116. greatest musician of all time. - General Music
  117. Will you be mine???: soundtrack, beatles, The Cure, cover, track - General Music
  118. Gigs In History You`d Like To Have Seen: dance, metal - General Music
  119. Own Every album?: jazz, metal, cd, single, albums - General Music
  120. Help naming a tune Please: song, Ching - General Music
  121. Band Biography/Documentary: singer, metal, genre, Blink 182, Nirvana - General Music
  122. I`ve Been On An Album: bootlegs, metal, Radiohead, tracks - General Music
  123. i NEED music :o): indie, punk, rock, cover, bands - General Music
  124. Coachella Festival '06 line up posted: lyrics, depeche mode, tickets, jazz - General Music
  125. Underrated albums...: lyrics, indie, metal, punk, rock - General Music
  126. The Watson Twins: cover, track, Johnson - General Music
  127. What Concerts Are You Going To In The Next Few Months: tickets, metal - General Music
  128. Dead But Still Singing Along: favorite song, Queen, American, members - General Music
  129. What would you do if the fate of music depended on you!: genre, quote - General Music
  130. Funny songs anyone????: Lute - General Music
  131. Awsome spanish type music anyone???: solo, songs, guitar - General Music
  132. Any suggestions for fun sexy music?: Tiesto, Shakira, Kiss, Jessica Simpson - General Music
  133. top 3 bands: soundtrack, metal, pink floyd, metallica, The Cure - General Music
  134. Overrated: jazz, metal, genre, beatles, Nirvana - General Music
  135. Green Day's Genre: pop, punk, rock, title, iPod - General Music
  136. Hey yall!: depeche mode, genre, pink floyd, Usher, myspace - General Music
  137. Greatest (Non Musical) Album Opener?: dance, beatles, speaker, track - General Music
  138. Need a Song: soundtrack, track - General Music
  139. Pete Doherty Vs. The World: tickets, rock, album, John Lennon - General Music
  140. Breakup Songs: Blink 182, quote - General Music
  141. silverchair: metal, album, Nirvana, solo, songs - General Music
  142. the grammys ( or how to award corporate whores and averagness ): electronic, indie - General Music
  143. Awesome live footage on You Tube: metal, punk, rock, genre - General Music
  144. Urban Will Luuuuuuurv This: house, rock, albums, Paris Hilton, cover - General Music
  145. Help Please: lyrics, cd, white stripes, Coldplay, Incubus - General Music
  146. Concert at BU: house, concerts - General Music
  147. I can do science me: albums, u2, artists, talents - General Music
  148. Worst album you have in your collection: rock, albums, American - General Music
  149. Tab Questions - General Music
  150. Something old skool, for FREE: rock, doors, jimi hendrix, Polish - General Music
  151. Six or Seven Different Things: lyric, singer, punk, itunes - General Music
  152. Any Song: soundtrack, blues, cds, album, white stripes - General Music
  153. Octopus Project!!!!!!!: rock, band, songs - General Music
  154. Guilty Pleasures: itunes, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Savage Garden, tunes - General Music
  155. Favorite Album Of The Week: lyrics, soundtrack, dance, drum - General Music
  156. Songs that really mean something: quote - General Music
  157. What kind of music do thing 60's musicans would have made on ecstasy?: lyrics, musical genre - General Music
  158. iTunes shuffle: iPod, song - General Music
  159. Boonaroo: Radiohead, review - General Music
  160. Brit Awards 2006: singer, single, albums, u2, Coldplay - General Music
  161. Ones to watch out for in 2006: debut album, album, Coldplay, member - General Music
  162. Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not-Classic? - General Music
  163. Wheels/Karma: lyrics, cd, John Lennon, tracks, quote - General Music
  164. Heart of Gold: blues, concert, track, band - General Music
  165. Cat Power appr. post: house, guitar, Piano, Bell - General Music
  166. Fiona Apple appreciation: artist, talent, song - General Music
  167. Best acoustic performances: rock, great song, Incubus, show, quote - General Music
  168. Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, ect ect: ballad, beatles, John Lennon, George Harrison - General Music
  169. New Music: country, dance, r'n'b, American, track - General Music
  170. Coldplay Split: single, albums, fan, volume, career - General Music
  171. Music/Respect: indie, cds, albums, Radiohead, Nirvana - General Music
  172. I want to lay down and never leave: singer, rock - General Music
  173. Need Help: singer, tune, covers, quote, bands - General Music
  174. The Dregtones: songs - General Music
  175. !!!: albums, quote, artist, band, songs - General Music
  176. Biopics You`d Like To See: dancing, rock, Cobain, Bob Marley - General Music
  177. Worst Support Acts You`ve Ever Seen: lead singer, indie, metal - General Music
  178. New tracks added: genre, artists, songs - General Music
  179. Need help picking a song!: songs, hands, Hang - General Music
  180. Need a Friend: DJ - General Music
  181. The Best Singer: lead singer, metal, bands, song, hands - General Music
  182. recommend songs?: jazz, albums, quote, bands, - General Music
  183. Solo Artists: albums, members, careers, bands, songs - General Music
  184. Soundtrack - General Music
  185. Hey...need some help: song, guitar - General Music
  186. Yello!!!: lyrics, rock, volume, myspace, band - General Music
  187. best feel good song ever,: white stripes, The Cure, quote, songs - General Music
  188. Jim Brickman's new DVD & CD "The Disney Songbook": quote, songs - General Music
  189. yay!: quote, guitar - General Music
  190. best. song. ever.: singer, dance, members, quote, songs - General Music
  191. Most influential Individual in Music: genre, beatles, miles davis, elvis presley - General Music
  192. Like Kasabian? Like The Stone Roses?: fan, tunes, myspace, quote - General Music
  193. Please explain: Why do you dislike U2/Bono??: albums, u2 - General Music
  194. The Whole Truth!: house, rock, cd, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon - General Music
  195. CD perfection!: dancing, dance, house, jazz, pop - General Music
  196. Songs you don't understand: song lyrics, hardcore, doors, screamo, iPod - General Music
  197. **** van **** - General Music
  198. Anyone know this song by the lyrics? - General Music
  199. Help Converting Audio Files: itunes, albums, The Ramones, The Smiths, discography - General Music
  200. Was Ringo A Crap Drummer.: drum, punk, beatles, Ringo Star - General Music
  201. Im hearing Voices: singer, indie, metal, rock, Radiohead - General Music
  202. themed cds: electronic, dance, indie, metal, rock - General Music
  203. Spanish Song Help!!!!: singer, songs - General Music
  204. Velvet Underground: dancing, bootleg, magazine, iPod, track - General Music
  205. The stiX - General Music
  206. Pointless Facts About Music: lyrics, singer, house, ballad, album - General Music
  207. mint car guitar tab anyone?: The Cure - General Music
  208. Help! looking for an artist: song - General Music
  209. apology.: rap, title, quote, song, Ching - General Music
  210. What?: quote, bands - General Music
  211. Good Songs Recorded By People Who Are Not Singers Or Musicians: band, Bell - General Music
  212. Private Tracker: house, albums, member, 2005, Hang - General Music
  213. whats your favourite song and why and how does it make you feel?: pop, rock - General Music
  214. song: member, show - General Music
  215. Favourite Hidden Tracks?: albums, cover, quote, song, Whip - General Music
  216. check this out ! - General Music
  217. Your claim to fame: lead singer, house, Backstreet Boys, member, tunes - General Music
  218. David Gilmour - General Music
  219. Brits Vs Yanks - General Music
  220. great acoustic cover songs..: singer, neil young, covers, bands, Guitars - General Music
  221. Ne-Yo Wins!: albums, Horn - General Music
  222. Adding YOUR OWN songs to myspace band profile...: bands, Computer - General Music
  223. Song you just can't get enough of: drum, indie, pop - General Music
  224. i was playin at a gig and seen....: house, cover - General Music
  225. anyone from manchester and can ply the drums?: quote, band - General Music
  226. charlie says he hated his time at busted!: member, quote - General Music
  227. Best Band With Crap Musicians: bass, album, Nirvana, AC/DC - General Music
  228. who is goin to the give it a name tour? - General Music
  229. weird stuff: dancing, concert, quote, songs, Bell - General Music
  230. Any suggestions?: rock, The Ramones, cover, solo, band - General Music
  231. whats in my CD player.: metal, cds, pearl jam, metallica - General Music
  232. Looking for playlist from an 8track: cd, album, member, songs - General Music
  233. Bargains and Hard to Finds....: rap, cds, albums, expensive - General Music
  234. Help!!!! Trying to find great piano peices!: soundtrack, great songs, solo - General Music
  235. Alessandro of NIN Side Project: myspace, band - General Music
  236. what do you think?: rock, quote, song - General Music
  237. Online studio demos: country, dance, indie, rock, artists - General Music
  238. Online studio demos: country, dance, indie, rock, artists - General Music
  239. Name your desert island must-have music: soundtrack, rock, albums, rolling stones - General Music
  240. Am I the only one in here????: tunes - General Music
  241. MC Lars: lyrics, indie, pop, punk, rock - General Music
  242. Msi: metal, rock, fav song, track, show - General Music
  243. Best music book you've ever read?: punk, rock, fan, Kurt Cobain - General Music
  244. Rap Instrumentals ??? - General Music
  245. woo!: show - General Music
  246. F**k Me This Band Are Great!!: album, myspace, tracks - General Music
  247. Check out these songs: tunes, artist - General Music
  248. Name of song: songs, 2006 - General Music
  249. Warped Tour Lineup: soundtrack, American, effect, member, vocalist - General Music
  250. Eclectic Collection: funk, cds, albums, doors, pink floyd - General Music